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ik met mijn 4000bladzijden uitleg, hier hoe het eenvoudiger kan

Some translations :  see also file Q


ontwikkel het sterkere in jezelf /develop the stronger part in yourself

search for objective knowledge /overcome your negative emotions/do your part of the work

take the time for silence and nature/money was a means of, not a purpose

discover the true meaning of faith and faithfulness/don’t life only for working for money

too much consumption spoils yourself/ discover the symbolism of the meaning of life

(life brings you closer to the hart of life :    separating sense from nonsense)

o everyone, who is open for ‘it’ To those who keep on loving life.

To those who know that nothing can exist without a known or unknown form of energy.

To those who know that emptiness cannot exist, but realizes that one can create a kind of emptiness in one’ s life.

To all who did not follow the principle of ‘divide and rule’.

To all who in their existence, discover all kinds of evolutions towards more consciousness and sense.

To all those who are aware that progress must be used to make a better world.

To those who, starting from realities like the sciences and deeply analyzed feelings, discover the art of observing in another way.

To those who try to communicate this inner communication in many ways in daily life, in art and so on.

To those who in doing so, remain stable by making a difference between the real and the false.

To those who understand that also the simple minded can stimulate ones growing consciousness, not only the intellectuals can help someone understanding all the keys of the complexity of life.

To those who see the relation between the positive and negative things that happen in individual lives and in collective history, on a personal and collective base.

To those who understand that good things are trying to reach us by means of reading, pronouncing and interpretation words.

Too those who know that thinking about their own lives is interconnected with the lives of others and with thinking about the world and the universe as a totality.

To those who, maybe with interruption, but constantly work to better the quality of communication around themselves.

To those who understand that all the precedent will end in a new way of communicating with oneself and others.

To those who realize that controlling the dynamic behind the personal lives of their own, interacting with those of others, (from the smallest units to global society), is in a way a new form of art. (but loving life remains the greatest art).It is an art that starts from a healthy inner communication with oneself.

 To those who know that the individual and collective consciousness lead to higher degrees of consciousness and open the way to a better world (quantitative but surely qualitative). To those who know that unsocial attitudes and behavior are a real political treat.

To those who are aware that everything and everybody evolves towards the best circumstances can offer it, him or her.

To those who know that clinging to the negative parts of all kinds of heritages can influence situations badly on a small or larger scale.

To those who understand all this, but cannot express it yet in this way, sometimes they are closer to it than the ones who do.

To those who are involved with these kind of things and matter and feelings, because they cannot do otherwise any more. To those who understand the true meaning of the word ‘freedom’.

To those who from within themselves and together with others, want to really reach matureness as a human being.

To those who in a positive and even in a negative way, have contributed to our ‘understanding’ and there for ‘consciousness’, from the early cave men to all the ones who contributed to our cultural heritage.

To all those who know that money alone does not buy happiness and understands it’s role still is one of teaching people a lot about themselves.

To put it briefly : loving life is the greatest art, inner communication and communication in a new way, the greatest art.                              

Philosophical Angel :  Not existing is not possible.  Everything exists.  Nothing cannot exist.  If a situation, someone, somebody tends to decline…explosion awaits.  Big Bang of matter and relations.  Existence.  Constantly on the move towards.  A battle against nonsense and emptiness of meaning.  Everyone and everything wants to be something, have a volume, don’t want to become nothing. Wanting to become too big, wanting to have too much, goes together with too much ego, jealousy, fear, complaining one’s self.  All  favourable of getting or staying poor of mind. Not ‘why do I do this or that’ but ‘do I already have enough of this or that’ control a lot of lives.  Just ask yourself what a human being is and needs to have a meaning full good life in a world without those big injustices still.
Ode for a point.  Feather Light, immense heavy, I’d like to linger in the point of truth, realness, where around everything circles I taught …don’t let the wanting to know lead to confusion, prevent the unveiling power of digging in to deep…don’t long too much for the other side.  Cloudy white silence ; tell me of the listening, star distanced connections, endless evolution, reach for a bridge to somewhere; ask an eternal silence for not to in words translatable things and feelings…live men, live, weave men weave, amid the silent, simple and good and beautiful , grateful for all the good and beautiful ---to be searched for by oneself , to see for yourself, to find on your own and together…wright through narrow minded ignorance.
Pass on. Pass on some light to each other…to be able to keep on living.  That light, the one familiar with the glance in eyes that which is born through our  words and touches.  Passing on. Some air, to keep ourselves fresh and refresh us.  The kind of air full of spirit that wants to unite with life beneath.  Passing on.  Some silence, little or much, to keep our calm. The kind of calm related to everything, stuck in nothing.  Passing on …some minerals and water.  To clean and do away with the too much. 
Intuition , symbol for the soul touching the spiritual
Robin, you are called.  With a lot more than your name, you emerge sometimes.  On a chosen moment. On a table in autumn sun.  Or elsewhere. But always unexpected.  Seems like you await us for a dialogue. Those brief encounters of us.  For a moment capturing some happiness in me through you.  Really on the top of being free then, you in the three and me… .  Your little tail and eyes so fine.  With all your polished colours you just want to make us curious about everything again…and wondering.  You look like a mailman from heaven.  With your sparingly unique song reminding us of that negative emotions are foolish.  Unrest silly. With your dances you put us on other feet. Before you turn your head again and follow your next dive in the air.
Mighty feeling moments where everything in the past makes sense
In Sensitivity’s Garden :  Softly drumming fingertips.  Dancing along colourful fields of nipples.  Electrical currents wave to the little orange belly beneath the centre.  Just taking a walk above the spinal cord for fun.  And in a spiritual way landing on top of the Venus mountain then…to start igniting the bio magnetic fields of who knows what or who again.
 This is our life.  This is your life.  Giving it back, impossible.  Existing has a lot of reasons.  Go through them, live them. Leaving the heavy things behind on time…reforming them in too the real feeling inside.  Being, hidden and enlightened richness. Solitude and reunion.  Always exchange.  Out of wisdom or out of anger, just or unjust.  Out of love and blessed blessings.  Bless your blessings.
Sit down and tell me your story
Don’t want to know what you think off the weather
Want to know what you think you’re doing here
Tell me with who you share your life and why
Talk about your dreams in daytime and at night
Which roads you were sent, which did you choose ?
From which solutions you aspect a lot ?
Want to know what really goes on inside you
What are the things that really touch you ?
Let your answers flow from the real you source
Don’t want to talk about prices or wages today
Just want to go towards you and let you in
Want to know the people that you want to present me
Erotic touching.  She makes him so strong and soft.  Wants me inner and inside. To touch and touch and again.  In our games we explore; s’sexplore.  ‘Dans nos yeux, jeus on s’ex-plore’ He wants, desires that she comes. Thoughts, feelings, imagination play along as well.  Ooh woman oh guy ! It’s much more than pleasing each other out of lust.  It’s all about being aware that loving life also talks through the language of erotic feelings.  Don’t let the words become ordinary.  Enjoy the orchestra of past and present united in the always new creative moments that follow you both on beds of roses.
After dead.  Silence…is all those who don’t exist anymore, is rising and transforming, is back to our essence----is quiet images we remain for the living; what we made ourselves believe disappears, what stays : our human value.
Light, shining in light.  Light also is those who aren’t anymore.  Air, doesn’t hurt anyone.  During the load of life it’s refreshing…being silence, light and air once in a while…they are who they were.  We’re just the colours.
Existing, in function of the energy you left behind, and excite again and again
Being grateful for :  the privilege of having been able to follow your own road/ for the knowledge and deepening of feelings in between/ for learning to decode the language you yourself are/ for books and documentaries that bring about the truth/ for watching new life, youth emerge/for an old lady that said ‘come out of the rain boy’/ for that feeling as if one had eternally the time to travel/ for the parts words are made of/ for tears when things become too heavy/for learning to read the distance between faces/for the openings to social justice and a better world/ for the good parts of the dream world/for nature, animals, colours, smells, music…/for writing down and speaking about new alternatives based on a lot of contradicting analyses in this world/for the postponed things and touches that gave you a lot of time/for love and it’s friends

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