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d)English poems & new quotes

d)English poems & new quotes

Intro-octo politico


























YOU ARE NOT A MINDLESS CREATURE.                                                     31




CUTS YOUR WINGS IF YOU DON'T BECOME ALIVE                                      


questions for workers, dear comrades

Why is it we are still being ruled by representatives of bancs ?

Why you work so hard while so many are without a job ?

Why is having a job not normal ?

Why can't you easily find a new job ?

Why our telecom services, our energy and transport are not free ?

Why still not one worldcurrency or an administration based on need ?

Why some of us need the discpline of old ideologies to function ?

Why not our inner discipline or the one of our colleagues in charge ?

Why not we but them should be afraid of doiing away with speculation ?

Why does the same product does not cost as much everywhere ?

Why is poverty a form of official slavery ?

Why so few people control so much wealth ?

Why so few robots comand so many soldiers ?

Why religions are not as much spiritual then our inner energy ?

Why imperialism calls war humanitarian aid, free world and democracy ?

Why do criminals control economy, whether in USA,ex- USSR or Liberia?

Why do tradeunions follow the games of bigmoney ?

Why do we not understand that 'foreigners' can be workers to ?

Why we still make weapons to kill our comrades elsewhere ?

Why do kings anq queens still exist ?

Why not use technology and technocracy to build a beautifull world ?

Why doesn't education teaches more about human sciences ?

Why do we pay taxes aswell for putting mines as demining them ?

Why do factories or aerocompanies close when demand is so big ?

Why are farmers payed to destroy or not produce, while so much hunger ?

Why so much short of housing ?

Why our dogs and cats eat more money then some earn ?

Why their system survives by means of crises, wars and exploitation .

Why do we keep on collaborating while modern fascism is so strong ?

Why our media talk in favour of what's gooing on ?

Why is the right to vote, the right to say yes to the system ?

Why don't we put forward our own program first ?

Why don't we defend our own alternative in the enterprises we work ?

Why don't we invite the jobless to join our reunions ?

Why don't we develop our  new strategy to put our demands in power ?


All around us , stalking everyone

Education and commerce, honoring it

Media feed the killing of medicine against it

Relations being kept within the old economical rules and instincts;

Not often the old borders are overcome

For the Madness, making love is reduced to fucking;

not a soul that penetrates and receives

another soul with it’s sex .

For the Madness being spiritual is not about the connection between the elements that created us (earth, light, energy…)and our consciousness now… but all about making more money then your neighbor

For the Madness, working like robots is being stress free

For the madness underdevelopment is necessary

For the madness, no other society with free public services is possible

For the madness , it alone can guarantee disciplines

For the madness unemployment and war and poverty are normal

Madness can buy us, and then we feed it; whatever victories we think we made.



We vote for the ones with lots of money to spend on their campaigns

We vote to keep on producing inequality

We vote for further collaboration in wars and pollution

We vote to guarantee human rights for the few

We vote for less culture that touches our soul

We vote for keep on watching sensation

We vote for the ones who were in opposition before elections

We vote for the ones who did not make a difference in last election

We vote because our alternative isn't organised enough

We vote because we believe some cheap promises ...

that die behind their negociation-desks

Wonder if there will come a day that the individual realises his power

Comes at work and starts to work slower the first day, slower the second,

slowest the third...starts talking with his fellow-workers about it all.

Wonder if there will come a day when workers start talking about their lives : 

Do they get enough holiday ?  Why do they pay to much for everything ? 

Wonder when they will realise that a lot of the work they are doiing is not necessary, and a lot is not beeing done.

Wonder why and when and how organisation will grow.

By demanding more money and by working less stressed ?

The money-system will die quicker, but will have to sack us even more.

Why not beiing one step ahead of this all : and demanding it's abolition ?

Wonder if we can be disciplined enough to keep on believing in our new dream. Wonder if we get used to work out of solidarity instead of working because out of necessity.  I think in the end we will.


To earn a living as a one man company can be a delight.

For many 'independants' it has become an enormous fight.

It started years ago, if you were not a big farmer, you had to go.

Agroindustry has poisoned a lot of the cattle, it's time to start the battle.

Let's do away with injecting hormons,antibiotics, giving dead meat to cow

The sensible and honnest farmers know better how.

It isn't a question of beiing able to pay more for more quality.

But a question of honnesty, not believing in insanity.

Investing in health instead of spilling to much wealth.

To earn a living as a litle enterprise can be very nice.

Working together in a close team can sometimes be a dream.

But when competivity gets to tough, workers often get enough.

Their lttle boses being obliged to attack their former friends

No longer they can pay the same amount of cents.

To earn a living in Statecapitalism can be a mockery.

Because to many overpaid bureaucrats at the top can take away your job

Even while you are at work with no usefull thing to do.

Or belonging to the part of the collegues with to much to do.

Your life is really no delight and badly needs a fight.

To earn a living in a half State owned company

Is not the key for a better destiny.

Every month more oppression is invented.

Priviliges divide the discontented.

The unions of classcollaboration do not give the answers.

Just as the rest of bourgeois politicians they see us as puppet dansers.

Prices for pubic services rice; proletarian masses atomise...

 is big money's only advice.

Meanwhile all those who think they can stay..

put on a comedy show to please the bosses in any way.

To earn a living in a big private capitalistic machine, is the biggest hell

We ought to do away with as well.

So later on we can tell children : work at ease, work is meant to please

Don't care about profit-making, the world is ours for the taking

Money is only something you can use to exchange

Handed over in more equal parts it can rearange.

This speculation-mad world considers humans as economical worth.

Put the system out of it's misery, where it belongs, with the dirth.

It's time to realise we pay a terrible price for this 'his masters-disguise'

Pollution, stress, poverty, wars and famine are things to examine

And to do away with in time...if not, we're also guilty of the biggest crime

text for the worker

You give the best of your own,  the invisible, living on your money get you down

Their money  makes you suffer, they control every second of your life

They use your mates to punish you when you get weak

Of course, they are better organised and control all structures

the newspaper, the art and teevee, the internet and your talk at the pub.

Their parties got the power, their paliments inspired by their race, their language, their ecology, their religion, their freedom of the strongest.

Their elections don't talk about exploitation, their unions locked you out,

or put each of you in an isollated box.  When are you going to attack ?

Of course, their order reigns and you've got some cash.

They keep on restructurating and close the factories

in times with so much hunger

What you faught for, they'll take back again.  Their new bloody world order marches ; while they spoil a few of us to keep strong themselves.

While old structures control, your own program, can't be born

You cannot choose your leaders, you stay isolated...afraid, they cut your wings each day... untill you don't fly no more

and the next generation steps in their tricks again

Give us the right to live and work, we will create welfare and income

If their system cannot give this, we'll take the means for it

We don't need complicated calculations.  We count and divide.

Give us free subscriptions for almost everything, and we 'll do all the work;

our way, equally, without harming nature. 

Give us time to think and talk and discover who we are,

we're not jus that political and economical animal,

we have our human needs as well

We want to discover other cultures, not bombing them. 

We want to get close to those  inner energies we discover,

not follow their rivaling churches.

We will make good things happen in time.

you call yourself a president ?

you declared war while no state attacked you

you use the words 'freedom' and 'liberty'

but in fact you mean ' domination' over the rest of the world

you can still smile, oh what a wonder...

while you see the mess you helped to create

let me give a reminder to  soldiers and workers

no nationalist issue is word a struggle for

no competition between companies is word to go on strike for

in fact your workers, who build your world are unemployed

by working for different wages, they already are at war

they are made to believe your world is theirs

while it is so silent here...

someone is made to believe he has to let a bom go of

someone is paid to fight a war where the owners  of economy

try to get richer from

it is so silent here... it was so silent in many a village around the globe

before subsidised and armed madness blew the silence away

all kinds of egoism govern the world

they are inside a lot of us

that's why we follow the rules of the stock market

that's why we don't simple produce and distribute in a fair way

unnecessary activities give a false meaning to a lot of lifes


unther the controle of the united nations

begins with workers occupying their weaponfactories

begins with a ban on weaponsales worldwide

if no parlement on earth can achieve this

it can be achieved by the neighbourhood picketing before the stores

begins with a worldwide consumerstrike against your governement

begins with backing a united nations plan on disarmement

begins with using money for social purposes

begins with social development

begins with using global resources for the benefit of every nation

to the new generation

I say welcome to this life

They will say we are all socialy equal

Is it so difficult to invent a society without poverty ?

We achieved a lot already.

Resources are used for the happy few.

To much of speculation with money and stuff is goiing on.

The main reason for living is not that what you need to keep alive.

Use some other ways to find answers as well.

Learn to understand philosophy, history's youngest child.

A lot of political suffering is based on our negative emotions.

A lot of trouble is based on not following our hart and spirit

Money should be a way of exchanging, not the ultimate goal.

Middle East Madness

While parents try to give their children a good education.

While workers try to do their job.

While some try to survive like animals.

While stockmarkets push economical war over it's  limits.

While evil is preparing it's domino's of downfall.

While too many amongst us aren't educated in preparing for a real change.

While each day new heroes representing  the greedy ones are presented,

in fact ... idiots of the past.

It's a good thing she knows when to enter the gate of my heaven...

to strengthen me.

Kalhil Gibran doesn't have the same pessimistic view

on dead then the patriarchs over there

everybody has a name

My name is combination.  I combine.  The innocent aspirations of youth,

with the illusions and desillusions of reality, of groing up,

with the hopes for new illusions to believe in,

with the fate that we evolve to the real lessons, to the real feeling,

to the best act in real art's NOW

                                               I combine.  The pains and joies of the past,

with understanding the present ones

with the aspirations of tomorrow

with all the energy deep inside me

                                               I combine.  The political theories

with the working conditions,

with te real emotional world of daily people,

with wanting to change things

                                               I combine.  The news on war, poverty, famine,

with all kind of wealth disseases,

with all kinds of unhappiness that reigns,

with breaking the solitude of the individual

                                               I combine.  The living and the dead,

with the longing for fullfilment

with wanting to recognise , who in fact I am,

with observing all kinds of forgotten energies

                                               I combine.  Friendship and Love and Lust

with satisfaction and negative emotions,

with solutions and new problems,

with rest and unease

                                               I combine, I combine, I combine.

I cannot do otherwise, aldough I try, I always have to combine.

Because combination shall be my name untill it's no longer necessary...

and I'll become ...another  world ?   

                 _8888  OCTO   888


the dry leaf leaves the three

what a windy musical way to go, who left who ?

the three the leaf or the leaf the tree ?

the answer : as one as chicken and egg...that will do.

in every atom there is already an idea

like it takes you and me to get to three

philosophy makes this interaction understood

from where life began till what's to be done

the more patient and wise

the more nihilism looses it's disguise

no distance between reptile and human beiing

now we understand, then we were only seeing

life, one big orchestra of real art

each of us playing our daily part

dating back from times nobody counted the days

when space and matter wanted to find a way

to express by word and image where they came from

to unfold the mystery of the becoming of real freedom

even if you do not act ...you do !

the neverending spiritual adventure needs you too

life is not only about genes beiing created

but also about values beiing updated

the laws of nature are the notes of life

matter wrote the symphony for the piece of man and wife

matter became us, we became friends, family, lovers...

...why, is what we will have to discover

our essences confront each other

sometimes we help by not helping, not bother

biology transmits it's problems and solutions

the new generations always ad to the conclusions

love is lightening the strong and weak parts

it proves that living together is the greatest art

peace will come in the hart of the one with the honnest soul

 Your name is COMBINATION.

Preserve the earth from destruction and lead the people towards better lives.

The world is one, never ever forget.  There is only one life and one world, take your responsibility and live as intensive as possible.  Be light to be a guide.  Go to the streets, speak of joys to be.

Your place is everywhere you will feel free.  Observe, restrain your forces.

Show them what the material world and the spiritual matter is all about.

The truth is very simple.  It’s hidden in the past, lives in the presents and needs the future.

Why is there so little joy to be found amongst many ?  People do not wonder enough about who they really are and what the life they lead really means.  They should be more philosophers than materialists, they should ask themselves why they can’t always ‘deal’ with their emotions, why they live in a society of wealth and poverty, peace and war, stress at work and unemployment.

But there are other reasons for the lack of joy also. ..reasons I cannot write about yet…and reasons one cannot write about »


When everything you wanted to write aout life, has been written.

When everything you wanted to speak about, has been said.

When you've experienced all about love and hate.

When you've tried everything to influence the battle for power.

Then you realise you've only touched the mechanisms,

even dough you added a lot of undiscovered things.

Then you feel that even only in trying, you changed things,

while the negative tensions kept on giving life to the positive.

Then, when absolute calm is restored, you hear your inner voice again.

What was and is IT (she-he?) always talking about ?

Then you start wondering, why did it made you feel heavenly,

why did in some periods, it made you confuse ?

Could it be that matter and mechanisms are one thing

and the energy that makes that energy travel ...an other ?

Could it be that matter or mechanisms also can make sick

and do so because the original real strength must recover ?

Could it be that real strength is always beiing challenged

and must descend in to where the changement is due to come from ?

Oh purest voice of sensitivity

let your part of  wind blow, your part of matter glow,

your part of the water rise, your part of light inspire,

so I'll know what to write in a new way;

because the sky, aswell as other matter, is full of hidden energy

Oh dearest desteny, show me the narow pad

between rationality and the inner voices of intuition,

show me which seeds where to plant

so I and we can act more then as one

because thruth otherwise causes to much suffering.

Energetic quotes to meditate upon

Life is a training in understanding, resisting and enjoying.

To be able to support one another, one can learn.

There always are ordinary, special and to secret reasons why people do not get along.

After a hard winter, feeling spring, proud having survived.

Do not become a slave of money and then just die.

When one thinks about someone, often a library is opened in your head.

The higher the wisdom, the more intensity of observation, calm, the more mature the deed.

Such a strange ‘for’ feeling about others or yourself, where does it come from ?

Sometimes we only remember the dialogues we did not understand.

Analyzing what really happened often works on a longue term, afterwards.

Thinking positively sometimes needs it’s blessings and conflicts.

Drifted to far away from what you should be doing, it harms doesn’t it ?

Existing in function of the energy one leaves behind and regenerate from time to time.

The soul of a biological home, embryo, transformer to the spiritual world ?

Ration and Logic fall in love with muse and fantasy and give birth to inspiration.

Why is a first impression often so important .

Do you ever get the feeling something very funny is about to happen ?

Continuing doing what you don’t like sometimes for someone has an advantage.

Out of free will doing something important with positive consequences, special event.

When you feel too good, polarity is ready around the corner.

What happens always happens on a scale of evolution.

Something one completely forget, all at once it is there when one needs it.

One loves hearing people talk, but not if it is empty talk.

Orientate on your own strength to keep on your own course.

Sometimes one hides info for you, sometime it is best hidden for you.

Knowledge, red carpet for spirituality

Letting go weight by laughing, observing, showering, moving, toilet, walking… .

Marvelous, when taught flow through you without effort.

Madness sometimes is a crush because of touching the sky to long or crawling too much.

Distance and walking together, both needed.

Understanding interaction in how things and situations come in too being.

Images that become symbols of and grow and grow to more insights.

Intuition is where one’ s  soul reaches the spiritual world.

Interpretation of events, emotions, feelings, intuition…a lifelong task.

Like the weather, moods change, due to a number of conditions.

Preparing for each kind of moment when one meets someone serves the dialogue.

Sticking to a good feeling very often makes a lot more possible.

Posing questions at one’s self and others with the aim of getting more conscious.

In relations, separate the possibilities clearly from the difficulties.

A sense full of words can have more implications then practical and psychological ones.

Words are symbols of the daily as well as the spiritual.

Space and time, a lot more relative then we might imagine.

Send positive things in the direction of others, without always accepting missions.

Just ask for the strength your inner needs, when strength fails you.

Do there have to be studies about the healing power of knowledge, insights, wisdom… ?

In each period of your life you awake in yourself the things you must deal with.

Passing thoughts without words becomes easier when one exists intensively.

Measuring the evolution of oneself and the people one knows, not so easy.

The DNA, where past lives and works ?

To reach something, risk something even if it goes step by step and the summit is not yours.

Through the ones you know you understands the total picture more, sometimes less.

A searches for meaning is a kind of detective.

Magnetism, pigeons find their way home, we need a map.

Everything is a remix of what came before, with more and more consciousness.

Dead. Like a train station near the see…it seems like this is it.

Radiation. Physics. Chemistry. Bio. Soul. Thought. .Art. Spirit. Radiation.

Do not be each other’ s volcano that prohibits one from flying.

Burst out in something, that you get it over with.

Understand who you are and that you are who you were looking for.

Being is smaller than matter, but a lot bigger.

Each one knows the way he is, but not completely.

Evolution of radiation to our soul and radiation again. Holy trinity.

Are seeds in the air aware of where they can land to flourish ?

Put the top of a lemon in water and you get rings around the sun.

Lives, living, constantly prepared. Prepare to want.

The leaves of indignation lead to understanding sometimes.

To be or not to be, but what is to be ?

Watch out for accepting nearly  impossible tasks.

You are a part of the solution as well.

Doing what one does, moment by moment.

Getting closer to the spiritual is living through all ,passed to you, facets of the soul.

Connecting the first impressions with the last for the time of being always.

The more confronting reality is, the more one pushes it away.

Not feeling well is not meant to push in the direction of others.

The karma of our own lives is looking for balance.

Do all personages know the meaning of the pieces they play in ?

Emotionally this is both a dangerous as heavenly world.

Our bio –soul- spirit produces better stuff then the factories of pharmacy.

One knows who one is by understanding the past better.

From an early age knowing what is in front of you, it does not work like that, but… .

That one and that one one will meet, slowly understanding why.

Dead. Return to separate elements. Radiation. Relations. Exchange ?

Life is a daily preparation of improvement of the quality of being.

One cannot remember all of the inspiration…it will find road to reach us again.

Wisdom not only comes on a top, also by descending, resting, meditating.

Dreaming, a surrealist remix, works of art with and without message.

Earth, hereafter, thereafter, always NOW is more easy to understand.

Time, does it exists only for those who do not feel well in their skin ?

The past, that what was, always in repetition to prepare the next show.

Both the literate and not literate do not always understand all structures.

One often forgets, speaking words, thinking is energy as well. Energy has consequences.

Energy is also faith, acting, believing… .

Insight that leads to energy is shared, exchange, experienced, not only tapped.

One cannot and does not have to be able to support all the pain of others.

Being satisfied often  helps against too much or too little.

Keep on swallowing without learning, you must be wanting to become a zombie

Each awakening is a change to write a prolongation.

Wanting somebody at your side and only thinking of yourself is nearly emptiness.

In the book off all, each person is one of the different kinds of personages.

To give yourself your life back, understand it’s roots and plant understanding.

On moments you realizes the meaning of it all…one feels great.

On joins life starting from all those reasons for living of others too.

You’ve got it, or you don’t…or nearly, but you can get it…what ?

The meanings of the meaningful, hard to understand ? Nonsense easier ?

Becoming is experiencing by observing and acting or not acting.

Acting or not acting. The wright words, silence, listening, intervening...

…by doing so, wisdom an progress come easier…interpreting the unbalances.

In fact sometimes everything is too crazy for words.

Connecting and combining while understanding is almost the French word ‘religion’.

Make some time for nature from time to time.

Observe and commentate inside, outside, free from stress and circumstances.

Wish some good things from time to time.

The greater your interests and your desire to know you are and what you can do, the more you can control your life. Emotions are a teacher in different phases. We can change direction every time we understand more and know what we want and don’ t want.       Then we can act or not act from a balance situation…with the hope and believe that this acting will be positive for yourself and others…even if in the beginning it does not appear like it will be.  Who can understand for others which direction will be positive for them ? The answers lay in our environment for the grasping if we really want…if we didn’t give up searching, that is.

Without wires, there isn’t a single electrical lamp that burns (except for those with an inner battery).  We exist because of inner power and connections.

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