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Q)English texts -part one

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Everything began with a big bang
Let’s try to survive Life
They said he would send us the holy spirit
Light on our life. Light up our life
Some words to consider
In the beginning
The energy of consciousness
Between soul and spirit
‘In the Light of Truth’
Losing loves

Men is his own captain of the boat
This is I
Little trips
Looking for a religious experience
Living in Belgium
To everyone, who is open for ‘it’
So there really was life after death
A 400 year jump
to be or not to be, but what is 'to be' ?
That morning
everybody has a name
Strange developments & human beings
Love and the spiritual world
Further personages in the ancestral and present telepathy sphere
Island with a symbolic meaning
Ancestral telepathy
Closer to the spirit
The trouble with being very conscious and writing
1. introduction
2. how providence works
3. As my father used to say
how to create a Collective Conscious Union movement
English poems & new quotes
Economy’s daughter Social
Planetary News 2040
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Everything began with a big bang
Matter and spirit escaping.
Exploding space in search of sense.
Radiation became atoms and cells that learnt how to divide.
No more hiding in stones.
Suns gave light.
And we continued coming in too being ourselves.
For ever present in the past and living now.
Learning how to live together, loving life, our main task.
It wasn’t easy dough.
Negative emotions kept on struggling with personal and collective aims.
Greed made wars.  Soldiers were being send without feeling and thinking.
Civilisation improved.
A lot still to be done.

Let’s try to survive Life
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They said he would send us the holy spirit In many ways I tried to approach an number of fundamental things. The creation of cosmos due to the fact that something smaller or equal to nothing cannot exist. When meaningless is approached, pressure mounts and like the big bang explodes. That’s why everything has a meaning. Nihilism is a contradiction. Sense could not be stopped.  The voyage from radiation towards the first atom and cell and from then onwards towards us, the creation of the unique circumstances where this could happen, no, no lucky coincidence. Everything serves a purpose and nothing wants to become or can become meaningless. That’s why society is in evolution, trying to move away from the decadence of the worn out, towards more fulfillment in the new end. It might be a possibility that we do not take our chance and make a happy end of it all during this big bang cycle…just like we as individual, emotional beings sometimes desire to have more than one life to get the complete picture of who we are. I contributed a lot of essays to raise enthusiasm about these things (mainly in Dutch).  All objective philosophical questions can be solved with science and history and you can find a lot of wonder and joie in it…a pity few people try.    The subjective site of it all, the psychological reasons, the making sense of it all…well, one needs more to try to understand it and bring it over…by life itself and by culture, one can succeed. But still a lot of ‘the holy spirit’ of it all becomes clear by those strange kind of special energy, of ‘intuition’-like features…which aren’t as much a mystery, but a kind of energy that can trick you, but you cannot trick it back.  This is no appeal to push logic and reason aside when one is dealing with rather sometimes irrational things as life and dead. One’s life is interconnected with others and sometimes it is not so easy to understand ‘why this is all happening to us’.  There’s a structure in everything from a cell to an apple, and you name it. A lot has been invested to make life possible. We see and hear…and so on and still we manage to feel unhappy.  We have a problem with considering all those beautiful things in nature as a unity, as seeing it as a part of us, part of the same adventure. Our sun is 5 billion years old and within another 5 billion years it will be over.  Just a little more a dark spot in the milky way.  Even the universe starts over and over again, like a day follows night…so, what are we afraid of…of death????
We often get to depressed to feel good. We cannot afford to pity ourselves or others…we must purchase our inner strength in a way that we do not bother others to much. Good will is of essence, but can put you in a lot of trouble…and in times of trouble one often must persist, alone if necessary, to be able to understand afterwards why you had to go through the whole process. Often the answer is that it was because it was necessary to play a positive role in the life of others…but often in another way, by other means. You can long for compassion, comfort in certain periods in your life. But it’s better to rest and think things over and get a hold of yourself. To try to find out what you really are good in and act. There is a lot where one can be good in : let those who know how to offer compassion, compassionate, let the writers write, let the workers work instead of putting them without a job or taking too much of their time for educating the philosophical part of themselves. Find joy.    Do not be greedy, jealous or do not be bothered with other kinds of fear. Venin starts with thinking that you are beautiful and you miss a lot…whilst ignoring true beauty…the fruit of contemplation. We were put on a wonderful stage and we still don’t understand why…how can we take real pleasure in it, not understanding the whole picture ? Insight dictates our live, but we often fail to see.  It can take quite a while before one has experienced all from every side to get the whole picture. Do good.
When everything you wanted to write about life, has been written.
When everything you wanted to speak about, has been said.
When you've experienced all about love and hate.
When you've tried everything to influence the battle for power.

Then you realise you've only touched the mechanisms,
even dough you added a lot of undiscovered things.
Then you feel that even only in trying, you changed things,
while the negative tensions kept on giving life to the positive.
Then, when absolute calm is restored, you hear your inner voice again.
What was and is IT (she-he?) always talking about ?
Then you start wondering, why did it made you feel heavenly,
why did in some periods, it made you confuse ?

Could it be that matter and mechanisms are one thing
and the energy that makes that energy travel ...another ?
Could it be that matter or mechanisms also can make sick
and do so because the original real strength must recover ?
Could it be that real strength is always being challenged
and must descend in to where the change is due to come from ?

Oh purest voice of sensitivity
let your part of  wind blow, your part of matter glow,
your part of the water rise, your part of light inspire,
so I'll know what to write in a new way;
because the sky, as well as other matter, is full of hidden energy
Oh dearest d, show me the narrow pad
between rationality and the inner voices of intuition,
show me which seeds where to plant
so I and we can act more then as one
because truth otherwise causes to much suffering.

While travelling on the narrow pad
the contact with the past and future voices of nature
came back again from being lost
in every period of your life , that you weren't an honest  child any more.
When you aren't an honest child any more, in fact you fall asleep.
Falling asleep is not knowing where you really are.                                           
Sleeping also is necessary, but while you're awake,
try to have the wisdom of an honest child.
Light on our life. Light up our life
There are many ways to understand why our life is our life.  Science can explain how life after the big-bang started from radiation tot atoms and cells and we. From a social point of view we can understand a lot about the relationship between history and economy.  Light on our life isn’t so hard to understand, changing things like poverty, war…is something else, because we are too busy working or understanding our relationships, too busy to light up our lives.
Some words to consider
He wanted everybody to be happy.  From early on as a kid ‘everybody’ meant the people in the village where he grew up, his parents and grandparents, animals and so on. It might be kind of funny for a guy of 55 to wake up with these thoughts which probably were elder then himself as he sometimes thinks on his moments of analyzing what life and his life is all about.  He wrote a lot about it in every possible style and about each domain in life, both in a scientific and literary way…until he reached the border where words have to give up and very special kinds of reasoning and feeling became difficult or impossible to describe.  What started off as an idyllic picture of the world gradually changed in a real understanding of what is going on in this world as a whole…not only in his personal life…in the broadest sense possible.  But let’s descend in too that ‘wanting everybody to be happy feeling’ was and became and is all about. One can wonder about it. Does everybody in fact wants to be happy ? Isn’t feeling unhappy a starting point to discover what’s wrong and isn’t being unhappy not both something that can lead to accepting reality and appreciating it ? 
Like in nature,  moments of aspiration and moments of expiring of situations go hand in hand. It is the longing for understanding and comprehension and the feeling of wanting to be loved and wanting to love that motivates us to exist. As far as sensitive people are concerned that is…despite the fact that almost everyone has certain degrees of sensitivity within themselves…and intelligence. One can be very intelligent and almost have no human feelings towards people surrounding oneself…in combination with brain damage due to genetic heritage or a fall for example or in combination with a mental disorder or a lack of love or misuse in one’s youth; this can even lead to psychopathic behavior. Sensitivity is what really makes us human in fact. Being sensitive seems to have always been under thread in history, but in combination with positive intelligence it made the world and a part of the individuals and the collectivity they belong to progress, amid a lot of bloodshed and misery.
So, where did his own journey began ? Which players would he encounter to understand the way life works ? Why and how had he evolved to wanting to write about life ? Why and how had he evolved from having compassion with unhappy people towards analyzing their lives in a critical but human and sensitive way ?    What had lead him to his main philosophical question : “is there an energy which did not have to go through the evolutionary road of radiation, atom, molecule, planet, cell…and us to reach our kind of consciousness “ ?      For others this meant there was a God or whatever name they gave it…for him it was more a feeling and a kind of energy…more a puzzle, both in a scientific and in a human sciences way…a story about making sense of nonsense.    And what is nonsense in an energetic way ? In physics, when something tries to take a volume that is less or equal to zero…the situation explodes in little or big bangs, probably ever repeating themselves.              So this means that, since everything is energy and energy is eternal , because it always evolves towards other forms of energy, life and we are eternal as well, taking under consideration that qualitative differences exist.     So what all those words mean, is that ghosts cannot exist, because everything and everyone has a volume…and that when something or situations or in the end, we ourselves approach the point of too much pressure upon us…things have to change in positive ways…and hopefully if one continues that line of thinking…in a positive way after our dead too.  When one has known passion in one’s life and one hasn’t kissed someone in months, sometimes it can look like ages. Where is your angel then ?
In the beginning
Last week I went to an exhibition about the history of the universe and the necessity to save the planet. It’s a real wonder what came from the big bang, which symbolically means that something without a material form cannot exist, because something almost equal to zero tends to explode. The first moments after this event there only was radiation and then the first atom and so on until our consciousness.  The question whether there is an energy who did not need all that road towards our consciousness, I leave to theologian to dispute about, but there is more God to be found in science and especially in man and woman and their relationships and in people trying to help people in a social and individual way, then in sterile debate about texts who DO HAVE THEIR OWN VALUE to be interpreted in their own époque. All dough some texts show that they know a bit of special energies and this at an époque that science did not have the same knowledge as today; which proves that there is a relationship between the dead and the living, between ancestor telepathy and present telepathy…it are always the sums of both which determine what is going to happen, which words shall be spoken. The final goal of economic, social and political history is that human kind should learn how to produce in an ecological responsible way and divide in a social way…in order to have more time to enjoy culture and to try to get the meaning of life by understanding who others and themselves really are. The spiritual world one cannot grasp by dogma’s alone. The spiritual world tries to combine the struggles between positive and negative emotions on a small and larger scale.  It is depending on the free will of people to act in a way that life becomes more and more  a conscious way of dealing with things. A number of people have so much love in them and that love has often been so misused that they try so hard to prove to others where that love comes from in fact…from the spiritual world. They can feel what I missing in others and where it went wrong as well as the negative sides those others have to coop with. By doing so, if the ones with few negative emotions inside, become more and more enlightened about live. In fact that is why everyone is looking for tenderness in their lives.  Some have forgotten about this desire and replace it by all the practical things of life, who aren’t a ‘bad’ thing, but it has become their whole life practically. One often cannot blame those people by acting so because of the fact that unconsciously they know about their ‘pain points’ and it is too much of a burden to talk about them or chose other directions. They work and work in the material world, with no time for contemplation about life. They have relationships whereby they forget that in being truly together with someone who really is close to his soul and the spiritual world means being able to live with less food or less stress.  If someone lives together with people that don’t believe in the spiritual any more one of them or two of them lose the respect and the friendship and their love in the end. When one touches the real nerve of the personal condition of someone, one begins to defend some cultural or personal dogma’s. In dealing with practical people one can invent spontaneously some funny things to talk about, but it will not or no more o further, but in doing so you create  a little space in them. To reach people who still want to make an effort in touching deeper layers in each domain of life one can have a really deep conversation. But when one wants to remain on a spiritual level one has to remain with the positive and this isn’t an easy task considering the ancestral telepathy and the present one, continuously influenced by people with less consciousness about a lot. In relationships the degree of wanting to dominate others is an important factor which not only has negative consequences if someone needs a guiding hand still.  There are so many interesting questions one can wonder about after reading “there was life after dead as well” ( link :   http://bloctaafblogartist.webs.com/      Does the negative heritage of someone keeps on living as well in the spiritual world, or is it an energy that only continues to have an influence in the existing bio world ? Both the strong and weak parts continue their story here, but spiritual energy hasn’t got negative parts, we only can create them, or are almost obliged to create them by the sums of as well ancestor telepathy as present telepathy. °°°°°°
The energy of consciousness plays a telepatical game with our telepatical and other exchanges In function of who we are and what we want and of who needs what in fact.  Those who know true events and words that their interpretation was wright, can have very good flash backs and discover connections between things and people better. Those who understand as well, or in lower degrees; but who realize that they were partly or entirely the cause of misdoings to others; can have good understanding of things as well, but in less agreeable dimensions. Do not blame them too much, they are seeking to escape from both sides of telepathy. Life puts people on our roads, sometimes we like them a lot till we find some angels who need the help of angels. In the process of helping them (and at the same time in a way, us, no matter the emotional road downwards they can provoke)…in that process they do not always like us for the effort…and by getting tired the stronger ones don’t always have the wright reaction…and the weaker ones can have very strong inputs as well. If there is something troubling you, have faith that it will resolve it’ self and trust the inner spiritual energy who is inside you or wants to be inside of you.

Philosophical Angel :  Not existing is not possible.  Everything exists.  Nothing cannot exist.  If a situation, someone, somebody tends to decline…explosion awaits.  Big Bang of matter and relations.  Existence.  Constantly on the move towards.  A battle against nonsense and emptiness of meaning.  Everyone and everything wants to be something, have a volume, don’t want to become nothing. Wanting to become too big, wanting to have too much, goes together with too much ego, jealousy, fear, complaining one’s self.  All  favourable of getting or staying poor of mind. Not ‘why do I do this or that’ but ‘do I already have enough of this or that’ control a lot of lives.  Just ask yourself what a human being is and needs to have a meaning full good life in a world without those big injustices still.

Ode for a point.  Feather Light, immense heavy, I’d like to linger in the point of truth, realness, where around everything circles I taught …don’t let the wanting to know lead to confusion, prevent the unveiling power of digging in to deep…don’t long too much for the other side.  Cloudy white silence ; tell me of the listening, star distanced connections, endless evolution, reach for a bridge to somewhere; ask an eternal silence for not to in words translatable things and feelings…live men, live, weave men weave, amid the silent, simple and good and beautiful , grateful for all the good and beautiful ---to be searched for by oneself , to see for yourself, to find on your own and together…wright through narrow minded ignorance.

Pass on. Pass on some light to each other…to be able to keep on living.  That light, the one familiar with the glance in eyes that which is born through our  words and touches.  Passing on. Some air, to keep ourselves fresh and refresh us.  The kind of air full of spirit that wants to unite with life beneath.  Passing on.  Some silence, little or much, to keep our calm. The kind of calm related to everything, stuck in nothing.  Passing on …some minerals and water.  To clean and do away with the too much. 

Intuition , symbol for the soul touching the spiritual

Robin, you are called.  With a lot more than your name, you emerge sometimes.  On a chosen moment. On a table in autumn sun.  Or elsewhere. But always unexpected.  Seems like you await us for a dialogue. Those brief encounters of us.  For a moment capturing some happiness in me through you.  Really on the top of being free then, you in the three and me… .  Your little tail and eyes so fine.  With all your polished colours you just want to make us curious about everything again…and wondering.  You look like a mailman from heaven.  With your sparingly unique song reminding us of that negative emotions are foolish.  Unrest silly. With your dances you put us on other feet. Before you turn your head again and follow your next dive in the air.

Mighty feeling moments where everything in the past makes sense

In Sensitivity’s Garden :  Softly drumming fingertips.  Dancing along colourful fields of nipples.  Electrical currents wave to the little orange belly beneath the centre.  Just taking a walk above the spinal cord for fun.  And in a spiritual way landing on top of the Venus mountain then…to start igniting the bio magnetic fields of who knows what or who again.

This is our life.  This is your life.  Giving it back, impossible.  Existing has a lot of reasons.  Go through them, live them. Leaving the heavy things behind on time…reforming them in too the real feeling inside.  Being, hidden and enlightened richness. Solitude and reunion.  Always exchange.  Out of wisdom or out of anger, just or unjust.  Out of love and blessed blessings.  Bless your blessings.

Sit down and tell me your story

Don’t want to know what you think off the weather

Want to know what you think you’re doing here

Tell me with who you share your life and why

Talk about your dreams in daytime and at night

Which roads you were sent, which did you choose ?

From which solutions you aspect a lot ?

Want to know what really goes on inside you

What are the things that really touch you ?

Let your answers flow from the real you source

Don’t want to talk about prices or wages today

Just want to go towards you and let you in

Want to know the people that you want to present me

Erotic touching.  She makes him so strong and soft.  Wants me inner and inside. To touch and touch and again.  In our games we explore; s’sexplore.  ‘Dans nos yeux, jeus on s’ex-plore’ He wants, desires that she comes. Thoughts, feelings, imagination play along as well.  Ooh woman oh guy ! It’s much more than pleasing each other out of lust.  It’s all about being aware that loving life also talks through the language of erotic feelings.  Don’t let the words become ordinary.  Enjoy the orchestra of past and present united in the always new creative moments that follow you both on beds of roses.

After dead.  Silence…is all those who don’t exist anymore, is rising and transforming, is back to our essence----is quiet images we remain for the living; what we made ourselves believe disappears, what stays : our human value.

Light, shining in light.  Light also is those who aren’t anymore.  Air, doesn’t hurt anyone.  During the load of life it’s refreshing…being silence, light and air once in a while…they are who they were.  We’re just the colours.

Existing, in function of the energy you left behind, and excite again and again

Being grateful for :  the privilege of having been able to follow your own road/ for the knowledge and deepening of feelings in between/ for learning to decode the language you yourself are/ for books and documentaries that bring about the truth/ for watching new life, youth emerge/for an old lady that said ‘come out of the rain boy’/ for that feeling as if one had eternally the time to travel/ for the parts words are made of/ for tears when things become too heavy/for learning to read the distance between faces/for the openings to social justice and a better world/ for the good parts of the dream world/for nature, animals, colours, smells, music…/for writing down and speaking about new alternatives based on a lot of contradicting analyses in this world/for the postponed things and touches that gave you a lot of time/for love and it’s friends


ontwikkel het sterkere in jezelf /develop the stronger part in yourself

search for objective knowledge /overcome your negative emotions/do your part of the work

take the time for silence and nature/money was a means of, not a purpose

discover the true meaning of faith and faithfulness/don’t life only for working for money

too much consumption spoils yourself/ discover the symbolism of the meaning of life

(life brings you closer to the hart of life :    separating sense from nonsense)

To everyone, who is open for ‘it’ To those who keep on loving life.

To those who know that nothing can exist without a known or unknown form of energy.

To those who know that emptiness cannot exist, but realizes that one can create a kind of emptiness in one’ s life.

To all who did not follow the principle of ‘divide and rule’.

To all who in their existence, discover all kinds of evolutions towards more consciousness and sense.

To all those who are aware that progress must be used to make a better world.

To those who, starting from realities like the sciences and deeply analyzed feelings, discover the art of observing in another way.

To those who try to communicate this inner communication in many ways in daily life, in art and so on.

To those who in doing so, remain stable by making a difference between the real and the false.

To those who understand that also the simple minded can stimulate ones growing consciousness, not only the intellectuals can help someone understanding all the keys of the complexity of life.

To those who see the relation between the positive and negative things that happen in individual lives and in collective history, on a personal and collective base.

To those who understand that good things are trying to reach us by means of reading, pronouncing and interpretation words.

Too those who know that thinking about their own lives is interconnected with the lives of others and with thinking about the world and the universe as a totality.

To those who, maybe with interruption, but constantly work to better the quality of communication around themselves.

To those who understand that all the precedent will end in a new way of communicating with oneself and others.

To those who realize that controlling the dynamic behind the personal lives of their own, interacting with those of others, (from the smallest units to global society), is in a way a new form of art. (but loving life remains the greatest art).It is an art that starts from a healthy inner communication with oneself.

 To those who know that the individual and collective consciousness lead to higher degrees of consciousness and open the way to a better world (quantitative but surely qualitative). To those who know that unsocial attitudes and behavior are a real political treat.

To those who are aware that everything and everybody evolves towards the best circumstances can offer it, him or her.

To those who know that clinging to the negative parts of all kinds of heritages can influence situations badly on a small or larger scale.

To those who understand all this, but cannot express it yet in this way, sometimes they are closer to it than the ones who do.

To those who are involved with these kind of things and matter and feelings, because they cannot do otherwise any more. To those who understand the true meaning of the word ‘freedom’.

To those who from within themselves and together with others, want to really reach matureness as a human being.

To those who in a positive and even in a negative way, have contributed to our ‘understanding’ and there for ‘consciousness’, from the early cave men to all the ones who contributed to our cultural heritage.

To all those who know that money alone does not buy happiness and understands it’s role still is one of teaching people a lot about themselves.

To put it briefly : loving life is the greatest art, inner communication and communication in a new way, the greatest art.                              octaaf

The heat is gone
The heat is gone.
Night has fallen.
Dark clouds refresh.
The light leaves the window.
Between white walls of a yard,
Bats dance the radar dance.
Soon as you think they’ re gone.
One comes back. Always the same maybe.
Picking the mosquito’s before my face.
No blood of yours for them.
In alliance I leave the light on.
Thinking while absorbing time and place.
The brain is a dark place…
But a lot of light is being transported.
There’s no such thing as a bat in your head…
A bat that picks away parasite thought.
You are your own bat inside.

New couple
New couple. Often it goes like this.
They find a lot in common.
A lot to blame their ex-es
They think their trust was misused.
Struggle with the lust for change inside.
Wondering whether to enjoy the lust of new lives.
Rediscovering to be glad.
They stop holding having something
Against the ones who cheated on them.
Experiencing the newly found joy THEY
Must have felt.
But the new love story often ends…
As the old one…
And insults and hurt replace tenderness again.
Left my wood one day
My wood where people looked for serenity.
Discovered a wood, hidden in a town.
Where ecologists do good things.
And I offered them my help.
Went in to town to tell the news.
But got a load of emotional stories about modern pain.
Could not take mine any more…
Lost my good temper…but it was in vain.
The message of my wood, not understood.
Forbidden to be too complicated, just talk along.
Frustration isn’t something for a public place.
It’s to be ventilated at home…
When tenderness has gone.

Back in my wood
nature, telematics, internet
the floating software of the one spirit
receiving trillons² of needs sending trillions³ of possibilities
with each time just one match for that period in time of being
telepathically connected drive of unfinished stories of past and present
wrote a poem about a bat to escape from battle
before it was on the net 3 book friends had used the word too
7 colors 7 sounds 7 continents 7chakra’s 7positive emotions 7negative emotions /7 senses/7 souls/7good intentions
Came near to things hellish and divine
Cracked both codes
Will keep a distance, thus no more someone’s or me to blame.
For the one percent of mistakes and wrong interpretation.
Being aware of once, one emo-link to many in nerve breaking conditions.
A lot of people preaching how to let go and be and live independent.
A lot of them live alone.
A lot of them get hurt.
And when they ‘ve learned from each other to abandon or let go.
They often forgot they were each other ‘s missing link.
How can one be afraid of a missing link ?
not easy to be a messenger
Like I said to my cat the other day : “It is difficult trying to be a messias these days.     If you only knew what is happening in the world or what has happened in my life, you would jump in to a tree and you wouldn’t come out”. Without followers one often talks to one’s dog or cat.  Nearly all possible things that can drive a man crazy, have happened to me or I have seen them happening and who know what is to come. Good, bad and terrible as well as heavenly. That is why I find myself in a good balance between experience and not having to go through some stages I already witnessed.      I drink my thee with honey, the water comes from a practically unknown well and I’ve decided to continue to be a messenger. One can be a messenger as well in daily life, in family and so on…but I long time ago was pushed to arrive at this moment in my life…translating this originally Dutch text for those I have not reached yet in that language.  I already used a number of ways to try to express partly a social and partly a psychological and spiritual message. I try to think and talk and write about all possible issues in live, including philosophy, religion (faith) science and spiritual things like telepathy and the meaning of it all is to generate enthusiasm and participation to make this a better world with more people having more time to understand what they are doing here. In school I was critical, on my work I tried to do something about the social and political consciousness of my environment. On a familial level I gave everyone, including myself in the end the freedom to do their own mistakes. On a political field I noticed that a number of parties were ego minded further on the right and on the other hand the center often swinging to the right and the left as well, with some inside opposition or a great division at the left side of the left.  I proposed to overcome it by adapting the old philosophical dogma’s of the left, making room for science to prove that eternal live indeed is possible. I invented a new political neutral system of worldwide telematics elections, based on an election to approve a worldwide social program without arms production and equal terms of production and the abolishment of speculation with money and raw materials...etc. I met a lot of people in different ways, all wanting the same while war after war and economical cries after crisis occurred.  Artists, politicians, social workers and each other profession, all on their own, like we often all on their own, occupied with their social and personal problems.  Those personal problems often prevented them from getting more and more conscious about the mystery of life and the ways it operates through us. We must unite more and more, we started off from one cell and we are spread genetically all around the world…interconnected more than the internet.
Between soul and spirit
She bit her nails till bleeding, you did not know why yet.
She kept a distance, did not want children it sometimes seemed.
You did not know why.
You taught that you could help her with her child wounds.
She loved and sometimes pushed away.
Wanting to finish the relationship.
What should you do ?
Isn’t the past of generation stories always pushing true ?
Stories of joie and terrible ones she had shared.
You kept on believing that improvement would come through you.
You have wanted children.
Everyone who comes to play his role, will come.
After three years apart and a dozen living together.
A man as enemy image, due to the past was there again.
You were man and guilty in a way.
Can one carry on trying to help ?
When therapy with the guilty ones back in time lacked ?
Then came new listening ears, a new shoulder for her.
You noticed that there was something you did not know.
Material things also counted, hopefully not.
One cannot stay with somebody that understands your life in detail.
One cannot stay with someone who’s inner calm you can’t support no more.
One cannot stay in that calm when the partner doesn’t want to be nice any more.
Opportunities to overcome the negative part of instinct follow…
Revenge is waiting around the corner…you want someone else as well.
You were new in this game, it takes you with it, on the run.
Somebody else, with no heavy burden on the shoulders,…
Is surely waiting out there somewhere.
Forget it, because you are here to learn about every possible problem.
And your solution…making theory of experience in practice.
While knowing that staying nice and tender and helping is the real solution.
Staying in good mood and helping each other and others.
Always hoping for true love and encountering ancestral and present problems.
You notice some need some to maintain their relation or something in between.
But you do not get it yet, because you are in love.
After the cycle of understanding, letting go, comes the essence of the pain…entering by means of something that happens to others or words spoken.
You had to write about it and play roles in the lives of others.
Constantly adapting to different stages of situations.
Until one becomes like an old three which skin wants to burst.
But this is something for the future you hope.

Nature can comfort you, two pigeons come to drink water.
Let go tiredness and al this above and other terrible things in the world.
You carried too much on your shoulders, like so many in different ways.
Wars never stopped from the days you were a child.
Carry less and take your distance.
Rest a while in the sun, it’s spring again.
Travel in your fantasy to a place near mountain and see.

The light that never becomes dark, that only can be somewhere.
There’s no light in the brain but a lot of light being transported.
Because you keep on loving life.
Because of stars and planets, forget men for a while.
Matter contains space as well.
Create some space in your own.

You’ll have to keep on going on, no matter what.
Only through ones again descending in pain ?
By seeing pain as tragic and comic ?
When you have a good day it will reflect in to the others.
We are all healers true words, connections, tenderness, joy…
But confrontation as well.
Through a good inner relation as well.
We travel with people who want to do good things over again...
But they do not understand with who they can and can’t.
Spiritual bands are not to be broken.
You can’t even try, even dough you think so.

Be glad to be in good health and love your senses.
Your life, do not express it in suffering, but in wisdom and feeling good.
Try to understand your own happiness and don’t blame others to much.
Forgive each other, some have difficulties in coping with life.
But again, do not carry to much weight of others on your shoulders.
Wanting someone back again isn’t always a way forward.

Thirty years after having written a letter for his father’s birthday, Ob finds a letter Ob wrote to him at the time, congratulating him on his 59th birthday. 
“It is not easy to contemplate, that is think and write about one’s father.  It is obvious that one has respect and admiration in away, but not easy to put this in too words and make some critical remarks as well.
I always knew you as an enormously hard working man and as someone with a feeling for justice beyond compare…as rare as your blood group. But above …you are someone in very close connection with nature. But what do I mean with all those words pa ? Hardworking. I am grateful that I have had a happy childhood and that I have had a happy childhood. I have never regretted that I had to work very very hard when I was young, I had a lot of useful extraordinary experiences in the field of cultivating and trading fruits. I have lived to see the complete evolution from a little farm, from horse to tractor to truck and so on…first on the local markets and then abroad in the East. I grew up in an environment with a lot of space and working after school hours, I did it to get a lot of weight from your shoulders, that of your wife, your brothers and others. It’s great to have space, land with fruits, storehouse’s, a whole village… . It has helped to build my character and perseverance. I like to take initiative and make my hands dirty and don’t stop till the work has been done.  When I think about all those times we loaded truck with fruit from the region, delivered at our place or on the markets and the times we drove together with all that fruit to Germany in a number of cities having to load it back of… this was quite an experience.  Watching you trying to keep awake all night and in the morning sleep for a couple of hours and drive back home to give your orders at a few the workmen of the village who helped with the trade and a couple of miners who didn’t want to work under the ground any more, but spend their days between the fruit yards.  I watched you when you drove. The expression you had on your face, pure enthusiasm, is unforgettable to me. It was the look of one who is a 100% pleased with what he was doing and believed entirely in it…it had a purpose as all lives have, yours had as well. Your motivation went along with an ability to hold on that I did not meet a lot so far. It’s amazing that you still look like an ugly old man yet. “
    “Only two aspects of the way you are, aren’t in your and our benefit. In stress conditions, you sometimes wind yourself up to much and you want to do everything by yourself then, then blaming us or the workers when things do not go the way you think they ought to. But that doesn’t bother us anymore, because we have become used to it.  Secondly, you are too good with people sometimes, you want to make a compromise most of the time, even if it isn’t in your benefit. It will get you bankrupt if you don’t watch out. Even on the non-business field, in a human way, you give in to quick sometimes…instead of letting others clean up their own mess. You do have a lot of knowledge of the human character but often you judge sharp,, but to quick maybe ? Or am I not old enough to understand ? Let’s just say you are on the watch for others a lot of the time…maybe that’s because of the unnecessary benefits you give them…and not knowing you are sometimes fooled ?  A lot of people were killed in the war you lived and had to hide from and your father as a member of the resistance saved many lives and the local resistance was not to blame for the terrible revenge the village went through for it’ s actions…do you feel as if you must make up for the whole village ? Nevertheless you are a good teacher in combining the worries of the past with the reality of today and the future’s joys of tomorrow maybe. “
    “I did not continue your business. Rationally I hadn’t got the money for it an subjectively I am not a trader…and one part of you isn’t also. For too long I felt as if I did you wrong by this. One thing I know for sure…everything has a reason and the art of producing fruit will go on…if not in then outside the family. I loved the years I was a fruit worker in your and your brother’s company…I loved working on the land more than that trade and that too complicated for me accountancy around it. I have my own family to take care of.
Sometimes I wonder that a thing that you wanted to pass me in life, ‘being religious’, I haven’t got it in me because I behave more as a philosopher and an artist and political militant.  You really think so ? I have taught a lot about those things and I tend to look for a neutral bridge between all kind of sciences and religion. The fact that you not often see me in church, does not mean I haven’t got ‘it’ in me.  I behave more as a Christian in believing and acting in and for a more just world, then by going to church and I will try to hold my family together and raise my children…but these are quite other times then when you grew up and started a family. I try to life my life consciously and with a good conscience. From all off the children and husbands and wives and grandchildren, ‘happy birthday’.”
Once Ob’s father had retired, he began to read ancient texts about religion and others…two of them I found recently back again, ‘In the light of the truth’, must be something like the gnosis texts or not,  he would have a look.

‘In the Light of Truth’,
So there stood  : ‘in the Light of Truth’.  Looked to me like the writer was trying to say that there was indeed a more powerful consciousness than ours that did not have to go all the way our evolution had to pass by from waves to atom and cells. Under that level would be a kind of distributing in between server or ‘light’ distributer…I ‘ll give it my own metaphors to help understand. The text was not referring to any religion in particular or race.
When making an effort to do what is good one gains credits, so much was clear. The author used also the argument that we  often meet again in different lives.  He sees no border between the here and hereafter…this I can understand (see my text ‘there was life after dead as well’), but I have my doubts about that classical reincarnation.  One would wish it was true, seeing the burdens to overcome in some families…but there have to be certain laws that guide parapsychological energy. And I think those rules function according to  the energy present in ancestral telepathy (gone, but not dead) en present energy also under one of his forms : present telepathy.    He goes on explaining that what you think and feel is very important, because it makes links and attracts other people’s thinking and feeling, so in order to not get involved in thinking and feelings of people who think negative of life.  Again this logic starts from a presumption and that is that the same positive energy attracts the same positive energy and good intentions.  But is more complex than that. There are a number of stories before us that wait for completion and the two kinds of telepathies who are one in this world, make happen that what is logically and obvious to follow out of older events. According to the principle of thesis, antithesis and synthesis often, things happen, children are born, the second never the same as the first.  Our free will consist in understanding our own situation in the world around us and choose for our typical own way which corresponds with our real soul…not so much a copy of our ancestors but our surplus.  Does that surplus feels well with this or that person ? Of course if I am wrong then we are all perfectly living together and at an early stage in our being young we chose the wright partner.  To make this basic picture complete, I could add that at a certain time only ones condition an choice is possible. Not everybody needs the same and everybody should evolve from within if one is a bit on a negative road.
What must I remember of all this ? That I shall encounter the things I feel, speak and think one day in the rest of my lifetime(s) ?  If you have a Jack Russel and you educate him to be a hunter, it can be that he starts searching immediately when you come home because of that or mainly because he is a Jack Russel…I think both arguments are true.  If every taught stays in connection with you… there is an gigantic net surrounding people.  The author says that time does not exist, so we have time enough, it is all about the evolution of our inner communication in response to our connections with the rest what is…and that rest is one with you. All you have to do is wanting to overcome negative things, so is written.  But what if in fact the positive and the negative interact because both can get wiser ?  And we all know we have are stronger and weaker parts…so in interaction it is almost impossible to not think now and again something negative about somebody dear mister Abd Bernardt, with all respect.  Wanting the wrong thing represses and wanting good things, lift up, I know my friend. People worry too much and have depressions, not only because of the economic system.
And what about those gnostic scriptures ? They seem to have more of an insight, inner approach to religion…by learning from one’s own experiences, and confronting them with those of others, from a bit hesitating to in the most open way possible one gets to understand the ways of the soul, the mental world…and one becomes more open to a meditative approach of present and ancestral telepathy.  Some of the old gnostic texts show prove of this as some of the current ones as well.   More people than you might think are ‘agnostic’…learning by what they feel in their inner and not taking some dogma’s of churches for the one and only truth.
In 367 after JC the church of Alexandrië under the guidance of Athanasius (Athan-nasty-nes) forbid the gnostic texts and the followers of the gnostic groups hid the texts who later reappeared.  Maybe some people in opposition to the gnostic were afraid of discovering the inner, which might lead to some aggressive reaction towards others.  An intuitive knowledge of ‘God’, like the gnostic called the divine hierarchic energy includes wisdom about people and life and oneself, also about knowledge of all kind itself. Whether starting from life or starting from texts, one can always work with both to approach a good interpretation of the world and life.  Gnostic see everything more in terms of being not  aware about things, rather than only talking about sin and forgiving. Their tradition goes partly back to the ancient traditions of the east, but trying to make the bridge to the rest of the world would only take a start longtime after the documents were found in the second half of the 21th century.  A number of people are not open to a gnostic way of living, others can only understand through metaphors.  How does one explain that one can reach a place of peace inside oneself ?  ‘The light which hasn’t got a shad’, surely they mean the waves, radiation, aura… ?  ‘He knows all spaces, even before they existed’(before the big bang ?). “Earthly bodies often part for earthly purposes and live apart for earthly reasons…but the spirit lives safely in the hands of love and after dead it brings the connected souls back to God.” Esthetically written…and it makes me think that a lot of people are boycotted in their love on earth, by ancestral telepathy and presence of people who are not so close to them as one thinks…but they need them for a number of reasons in the past or present.  To be honest, a lot of people would not like meeting others under the form of telepathy…but if they do not want to attract telepathy they do not like, they must let go inside and take a position of inner indifferent equilibrium, separating the positive and negative in each character.  If one ask people for the definition of love, one gets several answers, according to one’s experiences.
Life is a training in understanding, resisting and enjoying.
To be able to support one another, one can learn.
There always are ordinary, special and to secret reasons why people do not get along.
After a hard winter, feeling spring, proud having survived.
Do not become a slave of money and then just die.
When one thinks about someone, often a library is opened in your head.
The higher the wisdom, the more intensity of observation, calm, the more mature the deed.
Such a strange ‘for’ feeling about others or yourself, where does it come from ?
Sometimes we only remember the dialogues we did not understand.
Analyzing what really happened often works on a longue term, afterwards.
Thinking positively sometimes needs it’s blessings and conflicts.
Drifted to far away from what you should be doing, it harms doesn’t it ?
Existing in function of the energy one leaves behind and regenerate from time to time.
The soul of a biological home, embryo, transformer to the spiritual world ?
Ration and Logic fall in love with muse and fantasy and give birth to inspiration.
Why is a first impression often so important .
Do you ever get the feeling something very funny is about to happen ?
Continuing doing what you don’t like sometimes for someone has an advantage.
Out of free will doing something important with positive consequences, special event.
When you feel too good, polarity is ready around the corner.
What happens always happens on a scale of evolution.
Something one completely forget, all at once it is there when one needs it.
One loves hearing people talk, but not if it is empty talk.
Orientate on your own strength to keep on your own course.
Sometimes one hides info for you, sometime it is best hidden for you.
Knowledge, red carpet for spirituality
Letting go weight by laughing, observing, showering, moving, toilet, walking… .
Marvelous, when taught flow through you without effort.
Madness sometimes is a crush because of touching the sky to long or crawling too much.
Distance and walking together, both needed.
Understanding interaction in how things and situations come in too being.
Images that become symbols of and grow and grow to more insights.
Intuition is where one’ s  soul reaches the spiritual world.
Interpretation of events, emotions, feelings, intuition…a lifelong task.
Like the weather, moods change, due to a number of conditions.
Preparing for each kind of moment when one meets someone serves the dialogue.
Sticking to a good feeling very often makes a lot more possible.
Posing questions at one’s self and others with the aim of getting more conscious.
In relations, separate the possibilities clearly from the difficulties.
A sense full of words can have more implications then practical and psychological ones.
Words are symbols of the daily as well as the spiritual.
Space and time, a lot more relative then we might imagine.
Send positive things in the direction of others, without always accepting missions.
Just ask for the strength your inner needs, when strength fails you.
Do there have to be studies about the healing power of knowledge, insights, wisdom… ?
In each period of your life you awake in yourself the things you must deal with.
Passing thoughts without words becomes easier when one exists intensively.
Measuring the evolution of oneself and the people one knows, not so easy.
The DNA, where past lives and works ?
To reach something, risk something even if it goes step by step and the summit is not yours.
Through the ones you know you understands the total picture more, sometimes less.
A searches for meaning is a kind of detective.
Magnetism, pigeons find their way home, we need a map.
Everything is a remix of what came before, with more and more consciousness.
Dead. Like a train station near the see…it seems like this is it.
Radiation. Physics. Chemistry. Bio. Soul. Thought. .Art. Spirit. Radiation.
Do not be each other’ s volcano that prohibits one from flying.
Burst out in something, that you get it over with.
Understand who you are and that you are who you were looking for.
Being is smaller than matter, but a lot bigger.
Each one knows the way he is, but not completely.
Evolution of radiation to our soul and radiation again. Holy trinity.
Are seeds in the air aware of where they can land to flourish ?
Put the top of a lemon in water and you get rings around the sun.
Lives, living, constantly prepared. Prepare to want.
The leaves of indignation lead to understanding sometimes.
To be or not to be, but what is to be ?

Watch out for accepting nearly  impossible tasks.
You are a part of the solution as well.
Doing what one does, moment by moment.
Getting closer to the spiritual is living through all ,passed to you, facets of the soul.
Connecting the first impressions with the last for the time of being always.
The more confronting reality is, the more one pushes it away.
Not feeling well is not meant to push in the direction of others.
The karma of our own lives is looking for balance.
Do all personages know the meaning of the pieces they play in ?
Emotionally this is both a dangerous as heavenly world.
Our bio –soul- spirit produces better stuff then the factories of pharmacy.
One knows who one is by understanding the past better.
From an early age knowing what is in front of you, it does not work like that, but… .
That one and that one one will meet, slowly understanding why.
Dead. Return to separate elements. Radiation. Relations. Exchange ?
Life is a daily preparation of improvement of the quality of being.
One cannot remember all of the inspiration…it will find road to reach us again.
Wisdom not only comes on a top, also by descending, resting, meditating.
Dreaming, a surrealist remix, works of art with and without message.
Earth, hereafter, thereafter, always NOW is more easy to understand.
Time, does it exists only for those who do not feel well in their skin ?
The past, that what was, always in repetition to prepare the next show.
Both the literate and not literate do not always understand all structures.
One often forgets, speaking words, thinking is energy as well. Energy has consequences.
Energy is also faith, acting, believing… .
Insight that leads to energy is shared, exchange, experienced, not only tapped.
One cannot and does not have to be able to support all the pain of others.
Being satisfied often  helps against too much or too little.
Keep on swallowing without learning, you must be wanting to become a zombie
Each awakening is a change to write a prolongation.
Wanting somebody at your side and only thinking of yourself is nearly emptiness.
In the book off all, each person is one of the different kinds of personages.
To give yourself your life back, understand it’s roots and plant understanding.
On moments you realizes the meaning of it all…one feels great.
On joins life starting from all those reasons for living of others too.
You’ve got it, or you don’t…or nearly, but you can get it…what ?
The meanings of the meaningful, hard to understand ? Nonsense easier ?
Becoming is experiencing by observing and acting or not acting.
Acting or not acting. The wright words, silence, listening, intervening...
…by doing so, wisdom an progress come easier…interpreting the unbalances.
In fact sometimes everything is too crazy for words.
Connecting and combining while understanding is almost the French word ‘religion’.
Make some time for nature from time to time.
Observe and commentate inside, outside, free from stress and circumstances.
Wish some good things from time to time.
The greater your interests and your desire to know you are and what you can do, the more you can control your life. Emotions are a teacher in different phases. We can change direction every time we understand more and know what we want and don’ t want.       Then we can act or not act from a balance situation…with the hope and believe that this acting will be positive for yourself and others…even if in the beginning it does not appear like it will be.  Who can understand for others which direction will be positive for them ? The answers lay in our environment for the grasping if we really want…if we didn’t give up searching, that is.
Without wires, there isn’t a single electrical lamp that burns (except for those with an inner battery).  Because of inner power and connections we exist.

Losing loves
Losing great loves.
Close to souls who pass away.
Or those that cannot, must not come
Lives that one must partly or almost abandon.
Then recognizing them here and there.

Losing loves.
Ignore the feeling, invent reasons why…
It had to be that way.
Sometimes they are right.
Sadness is never the same.
Relieve as well, but from whom and who and when ?
Always, ‘after this one’, not again the part of hurt in love.
While there still are sparks of fire in the ashes.

Always in other dimensions, other heights and tunes.
Different situations from needs of others.
From the own stories as well.
Do experiences have to come and visit us again ?
Does one have to go and search them in situations ?
Unique memories and sensitive connections…
Keep on connecting with the hart.
Losing great loves.
Close to souls who pass away.
Sad ,happy or in the middle, never the same meaning with this one or that one.
And passion also has seven tunes and colors.
And lots of songs in seven styles.
The simplicity of the white knight and the princes.
To the land of legends these days.
Pipi Langkous and Peter Pan don’t exist in adult world.
Those who can stay that way, enjoy and hold it.
Chose for each other.
More complex situations…often more hard to handle.
Losing great loves.
Close to souls who pass away.
The older one get, the higher the account.
And in the end…
Being light, always trying to be light.
We were it, are it and stay it…
Literally and philosophically at least.
Between each other, depending from meeting how and when.
After all those different kind of periods.

Great loves that try to be friendship again.
Relief and difficult test sometimes as well.
Like everything one is not used too.
Ignoring the bio, one can learn, integrate or not.
One isn’t the same any more as who one was before letting go.
One does not know always what to keep or let go.
The games ancestors played and play with lives.
That what one knitted oneself.
Knitting in life, you don’t do it on your own.
Some are not made in life…for patterns to tight.
Whatever the degrees of comprehension.
How little the degree of jealousy …
Funny with who a lot sometimes and with who not and when.
Good friends and become like children and wise men.

Losing great loves.
Art is born from it, as much as from joy.
To bring people closer to the soul.
And often it looks like getting closer to the spirit.
Of one who nobody can derange any more.
And only loves happy things.
Knowing that life hold more in store with people…
Then only romance and all kinds of passion and the need for skin contact.
Men is his own captain of the boat
When one does things together, one much judge…is the boat in a good condition to sail ? Who were the builders, the parents of the boat ? Young boat, old boat, which damages on former journeys ? What are the weather conditions, which is the destination…what does one take with ? Before one starts of, one discusses all this…and one agrees up on who is to take the decisions under difficult circumstances…the man or women who happens to be in charge of the wheel at any given time. When things go bad, events happen as a test to set out for a better course.  When things go very well, look out for the too much optimism, the water may not be deep enough as one approaches the shore and one cannot see a hidden rock on which one might strand. Man and woman must learn how to be captain of the inner boat.
No offence to other woman or man who one has loved.
But why with one or two if one has slept with let’s say four…
There is a lot of bio-jealousy concerned ?
Are each other’ s lifelines so the same ?
Has it something to do with if the dead energy became us, the living…
The stories of the past have to continue in a better way ?
Or are it simply test to learn us that man must be captain of the boat
When the woman is not on the wheel.
But both must learn to be captain of their own inner boat.
If ordinary emotional jealousy is childish, bio-jealousy is for grownups.
Except the bio element, has it to do as well with the energy both put in a relation ?
The deep one lay in one’s feelings, one ‘s writing ?
The amount of deep bio-energy present at the bodem of the bio ?
The experienced lust in triangle relations at a first stage ?
Or just plain and simple the spiritual link…
AND especially when it’s in danger.
No virus, no telepathy, no this and that can stop the connections love must make.

This is I
In 7 stages.
1 and 7
1 war and poverty, no possibilities for children…must disappear
7inner peace, I  am as well
2 and 6
2 writing about sensuality and other things in such a way that it is utterly new and convincing
6 the more between heaven and earth understood
3 and 5
3 the priest in me
5 presenting and teaching all the different understandings, wisdom and art I produced
As a blog artist
4 the middle, the hart in relation to myself
7 in relation to others

Little trips
To the countryside or a city.
To where country borders come together…
And stop to exist.
To see the buildings and houses workers in other countries built.
To talk the languages that happens to be spoken over there.
To find out which dialect overtook the others.
To discover the richness in words, the hidden worlds behind.
To meet people and have a little chat.
To read some funny things on walls of a pub…
please disturb because I’m boring myself”
Traveling by train can be poetry, and poetry like people gives a sense of beauty…
As beauty gives advice.
One spots the young tall man with the sheep dog…
On a world tour on foot ?
One sees a joyful colored waitress talking fluently west Flemish
Enjoys the songs that play in different rooms.
 Looking for a religious experience
That’s what he thought while driving on the road towards meeting two friends at different places.  He was a bit early because of the fact that his usual Sunday scheme was different, he did not need to take care of elderly persons today. The appointment was at seven pm, so what would he in the meantime do ? Visiting a spot in nature with trees, was his favorite, because the game of light and the height of trees restored ones energy circuits and levels. As do the visits in places with high walls, like churches, who can replace the trees in a way, because their energy circuits pull up one’s energy as well, or it should be very noisy inside, noisy in a chaotic way. The thought of having a religious experience did not mean something having to do with a religion, but with deeper truth (roots) in life itself as it is to most of us. So he didn’t drove to the city yet, or to nature, but followed a sign leading to an abbey. At least that was what he thought…it seemed to be a home for elderly.  There was an abbey, but hard to find because of many road works.  No, finding a religious experience in dealing with elderly, that was another story to be told later, not in his spare time.  So he drove back to town and stopped at a café with people in it, but which main entrance was closed. The lady pointed to another entrance, which at the inside someone unlocked. He saw some young men, smoking in a corridor with not much space and where normally nobody entered, due to some objects that where put there. He recognized someone in the hallway, but that’s another story from another place.  When he asked whether he could enter, he was told by a young guy that the people owning the café had not paid some taxes, so that there was a police visit on its way.  So Eco did not decide to enter, he was lucky again. In a more normal pub he recognized an old woman, who had a kind of artistic aura as well.  He recognized her from those days when he had to take the train in the city to go to work, she always held the hand of a young child. He asked her how the child was, if she as an elderly mother had brought him up. “It is a woman, age 23 know”, she said and complained a little about not seeing her often al dough she lived in her neighborhood. But that is another story, Eco didn’t had the need to talk about why her daughter was living with two other women sharing an apartment with a large living.   He only encouraged the woman to take up her painting again and instead of painting from postcards what the great painters had painted, invent some themes herself. That was Eco alright, always inventing things which could inspire people with talent to use it. It was a good advice for him as well, because he hadn’t come to writing lately, but it takes time and experiences and a panoramic view on life…and therefore one has to climb daily. So, was this the religious experience of the day, packed in to a brief encounter with someone at age already, who liked her beer, maybe a bit too much and the brief attention of a far younger man.  Maybe she was just glad to be noticed as a mother who took care in those days long ago, …did she take care…no, this was no job for Eco anymore, al dough life had given him a lot of difficult tasks, he didn’t accept them anymore, after having understood the messages in the why of people meeting people.  He was about to understand another lesson.
The appointment of 19 pm did not show up.  Her house was probably empty. The appointment  of 20 pm was in a little pub where people only get worried when the cable transmission of the football match loses connection.  But, it can be said, there was a kind of friends amongst each other sphere hanging, if one does not have the ambition of  looking to profound in men’s soul any more.  They seemed to look at the t v , but in fact they sometimes look at the strangers in the café, but when those strangers then look back, they pretend not having looked…only when we are small children we don’t play those games. Eco’s rendez vous came in and gave him a book from a friend poet as a present. He wanted to talk about his journey to the pub, about his inner life, but that had to wait a bit. Some friends where introduced and Eco could appreciate the parts from their souls they tried to represent in an honest way.  There was the young men with Russian roots, who looked forward of being mail men every day and a teacher of history who was bit to realistic about life…and then one starts being too severe about judging people or one loses ones enthusiasm for one’s role as a teacher. But, the teacher, had drunk already some wines, so that made his mind express himself a bit rougher the usual Eco supposed. 

The RV (rendez-vous), lost touch with her real beautiful  female inner part, after a couple of beers and began word attacking Eco, with some emotional negative things she was running away from a good part of her life.   That was Eco’s life again, dealing with unsolved parts of the history of women mainly, because men did not talk about those things.  Think of every possible thing or situation a woman does not want to happen to herself and Eco had met someone who had had this or that kind of experience. Women told Eco a lot and he was a good listener, but when Eco then explained what probably had gone wrong and why… afterwards women tended to take revenge on him for exposing the truth in themselves, that they themselves, could not face any more in fact.  Strangely the women Eco had got to know better in his life, had each one some artistic or intellectual talents, but they lost feeling with it because of those to heavy emotional things in life…Eco from time to time was a trigger for them to get restarting being busy with the more essential things of life. Under each other they got mixed up about him because one can as well be jealous of words or an innocent touch…and due to circumstances that he did not always chose, when there was more…it could be explained not in a guilty way.
Women he had met in his life, had been damaged by circumstances of their life, al dough they each had some talents on certain fields (even a lot of talent in artistic or other way).  It seemed like they had to meet him, not only have an exchange of the truly valuable parts in themselves, but to confront them with a certain degree of anger, fear or jealousy in them. And even dough one offers them the change of a lifetime to get a more conscious life and a practically more happy one…it seemed not to be the purpose in his life to live this with them…at least as living together on a daily basis was concerned. 

Weren’t they in a strange way, punishing themselves in fact ?  Was it to be like that because of the preceding stories (their own and the genetic heritage) ?  Isn’t it also to be like that because of the hidden energies of feelings and thought who prepare dialogues, decisions and events   ? Strangely these things also happen even dough there is a very good dialogue between his and their souls in the beginning (or even later on when the relationship has lost it’ s bio-aspect).
Even dough if one can offer them on a bio level a good feeling, or if one continues this line; even if one discovers how to lead them to their specific way of having an orgasm (or wondering sometimes what blocked this) …this was no guarantee that they would not try to project their inner uncertainty on him. Which where the strange reasons for all those different ‘energies’ in people ?  He could be a plausible as he could, there were always reasons, often outside of his person, why they wouldn’t share their life with him.  Sometimes one wondered if they were of different sexual nature, or both, sometimes they had too much trust in pharmacy which let them to lose connection with their physical desires, or cut them off from their feelings sometimes being sad because of the aging process and family problems of ‘former’ lives. They sometimes made plans when they felt better, but they seemed to undergo and hide for their own lives…which often they themselves had made to complicated…and when they run into someone to explain this to them, in the end it was to confronting for them, due to things that happened. So in some case they stayed alone or where pleased with a lesser conscious person.

Living in Belgium
In a country with communities that hold together
As a symbol that the world can become one nation one day
In a country in the center of Europe
Where northern and southern languages are spoken
With sea and flat land and hills
It’s not only 500 beers and chocolate and fritten we make
"Potverdekke, it’s great to be a Belgian".
Even dough only one united political party remains.
and we could do as well with one government in stead of...4?  Hello  I am a blog artist. I try to make people aware that next to the difficult part in themselves, they also have a light part.      I try to make people abandon their negative feelings and discover themselves, even do it hurts...there is a way to be born again even from difficult situations...sometimes, from time to time, it becomes too late for a real change and one suffers from neglecting things in the past. The same laws apply both in historical and personal matters. I mainly have blogs in Dutch an a few limited ones in English :   http://blogfilosoof.skynetblogs.be for all links (temporally for English readers : see 'closer to the soul link

 (unpair lines are Dutch translation)
ontwikkel het sterkere in jezelf
develop the stronger part in yourself
(tracht naar objektieve kennis)
search for objective knowledge
(overwin je negatieve emoties)
overcome your negative emotions
(doe jouw deel van het werk)
do your part of the work
(neem de tijd voor stilte en natuur)
take the time for silence and nature
(geld was een middel, geen doel)
money was a means of, not a purpose
(ontdek de ware betekenis van trouw)
discover the true meaning of faith and faithfulness
(leef niet alleen om te werken)
don’t life only for working for money
(overmatige konsumptie vervuilt jezelf)
too much consumption spoils yourself
(ontdek de symboliek van de zin van het leven) discover the symbolism of the meaning of life
(leven brengt je dichter bij de kern van het leven : zin van onzin scheiden)
life brings you closer to the hart of life :    separating sense from nonsense

People They all have their own problems, not only because of their own history and their own nature, experiences and decisions. But they should be aware of leading a good life. Not only for themselves, but everyone they are connected with in many ways. People are connected telepathically  and they have an influence on each other both in a spoken, sense and by their thoughts and feelings.  They inherited some problems to overcome, but they often repeat some mistakes of the past, without overcoming them and then they get stuck with their lives or society.  Each individual has a certain degree of masculinity and femininity. The difference can be big. It is not the purpose of being alive that one’s aim is to dominate another person, using too much masculinity in oneself if one is a woman, neither too much femininity to letting oneself be dominated, if one is a man. There is a lot of insanity in the world, both politically and on a personal level. But there is lot of progress being made and an enormous part of joy as well.              To everyone, who is open for ‘it’

To those who keep on loving life.

To those who know that nothing can exist without a known or unknown form of energy.

To those who know that emptiness cannot exist, but realizes that one can create a kind of emptiness in one’ s life.

To all who did not follow the principle of ‘divide and rule’.

To all who in their existence, discover all kinds of evolutions towards more consciousness and sense.

To all those who are aware that progress must be used to make a better world.

To those who, starting from realities like the sciences and deeply analyzed feelings, discover the art of observing in another way.

To those who try to communicate this inner communication in many ways in daily life, in art and so on.

To those who in doing so, remain stable by making a difference between the real and the false.

To those who understand that also the simple minded can stimulate ones growing consciousness, not only the intellectuals can help someone understanding all the keys of the complexity of life.

To those who see the relation between the positive and negative things that happen in individual lives and in collective history, on a personal and collective base.

To those who understand that good things are trying to reach us by means of reading, pronouncing and interpretation words.

Too those who know that thinking about their own lives is interconnected with the lives of others and with thinking about the world and the universe as a totality.

To those who, maybe with interruption, but constantly work to better the quality of communication around themselves.

To those who understand that all the precedent will end in a new way of communicating with oneself and others.

To those who realize that controlling the dynamic behind the personal lives of their own, interacting with those of others, (from the smallest units to global society), is in a way a new form of art. (but loving life remains the greatest art).It is an art that starts from a healthy inner communication with oneself.

 To those who know that the individual and collective consciousness lead to higher degrees of consciousness and open the way to a better world (quantitative but surely qualitative). To those who know that unsocial attitudes and behavior are a real political treat.

To those who are aware that everything and everybody evolves towards the best circumstances can offer it, him or her.

To those who know that clinging to the negative parts of all kinds of heritages can influence situations badly on a small or larger scale.  To those who understand all this, but cannot express it yet in this way, sometimes they are closer to it than the ones who do.

To those who are involved with these kind of things and matter and feelings, because they cannot do otherwise any more. To those who understand the true meaning of the word ‘freedom’.  To those who from within themselves and together with others, want to really reach matureness as a human being.

To those who in a positive and even in a negative way, have contributed to our ‘understanding’ and there for ‘consciousness’, from the early cave men to all the ones who contributed to our cultural heritage.

To all those who know that money alone does not buy happiness and understands it’s role still is one of teaching people a lot about themselves. To put it briefly : loving life is the greatest art, inner communication and communication in a new way, the greatest art.                              

particular energy


So there really was life after death.

About ten, twelve years ago I wrote the following senses: " Peace will come in the heart of the ones with  honest souls. Prevent the world from destruction and lead people to better lives. Never forget that the world is indivisible.    There is but one life and one world, takes your responsibility and live as intense as possible. Be wise and light to be a guide.  Go to the people and speak of joys to be. Your place is where you will feel free.  Explain them the difference between the material world and the spiritual matter. Truth is simple. Truth hides in the past, lives in the present and needs the future. Why does one find so little joy between many people? People do not wonder enough about who they are and what means and what the lives they lead mean.       They should be more philosopher than materialist, they  should ask themselves why they live in a world of wealth and poverty, war and peace, stress on the work and unemployment. But there are other reasons for the lack of joy… reasons about which one cannot yet write and reasons about which nobody can write."

By means of this short story, I’ll try to show what ‘dead’ in fact means. 

 introduction : through the past in a few lines :
Nothing is more ‘real’ then living life itself, how real art as well can be.
We all, we are characters in a real novel that has been going on since ages.
Persons create persons and then vanish again.
Since thousands of years we try to put our experiences in to signs.
The more you understand about it, the harder sometimes to put it down in words.
The good man does, continues to live after him
The evil also. Positive and negative interact in completion.
The sense of it all, in every way a powerful, meaningful something.
One can only observe and react, starting from an indifferent equilibrium
Science can give us a logical explanation about life.
A trained observer experiences more ten  the logic of things
Objective sciences mostly only have an eye for their field.
Philosophy, Psychology and history must unify the other logic.

Einstein put together the achieved and unveiled a new point of view.
Time, space and matter became more relative then we thought.
Religion tried to make us believe in Gods and God.
Knowledge and truth still were far away from proving a new kind of unity.
Marxists tried to understand the laws of history.
Conservative establishment was against the sense of life socialism discovered.
But nobody could control the subjective factor.
Freud and others tried to show the role of the unconscious.
But they did not discover the deeper meaning of life.
We all, could be more people looking for the meaning of life.
A meaning that surpasses life and dead.
But we are caught in a lot of kinds of habits and ‘pain’.

Life itself is a source of inspiration for everything I wrote about in every literary form.
I can stop writing and let it go by me till I understand the meaning of it better within a few years…or I can try to make a rapport of it every day. I taught about the structure of my day and had a look at my work and the things I studied, the documentaries I kept on video, some newspaper-articles which I kept because I thought they had a lasting value. To make this understandable for readers, I first had to bring them a number of philosophical life-attitudes.    How to start this ? Those attitudes were partly the result of a critical study of the existing attitudes and partly the result of my own practical experiences midst all kinds of persons which are to be found in every one’s life. We’ve all got them : family, lovers, friends, social and political persons,… .With all that ‘brainstorming’ going on in my head, I was afraid of ‘boiling over’ and remaining on my chair till inspiration came, looked like dangerously reaching a unallowable border.                    I went outside to sit on a chair and stumbled back inn. Symbolically I closed the door.      Something cracked inside me. I closed my eyes for the last time here on earth. An unexpected goodbye, where I had thought  a lot about.  A few things I had imagined, became true. The experience itself was a quite different, something comparable whit what I had experienced during the burning to ashes of an old colleague of mine. There was this kind of magnetism that started in my feet and got upwards, like it seemed to be coming from the ground. When it reached my hart, I taught ‘oh’, ‘something is wrong with me’. But no, the magnetism accelerated it ‘ s speed and once in my head, it became a kind of more-dimensional triangle,  pyramid kind of ‘light dimension’ which, like a starship in science-fiction vanished into space. This form of yellow kind of light, did it disappear into the spaces of micro cosmos or the ones of macro cosmos ? Or was there an indifferent equilibrium in between ? Probably I was in the anti-matter that every matter has, in the microcosmical world …but that world is everywhere, even in the macro-world.  Was I in somebody or in the spiritual world as a unity ?  So I did solve a part of the mystery ‘god is everywhere’. I happened to be in the antimatter of all the elements that once composed me, radiation as well as minerals, gasses and so on.  In any case, there was life after dead.  During my life, I had three different options about dead. We surely fell back into the elements from which we were composed; energies like minerals, water, air, light and waves with each their own kind of consciousness. Since we were connected genetically with the rest of the biological world…we were not dead in that sense. As a third option I already suspected that all ones usable experiences in life, which had started with the genetic  three …before one’ s life; after dead could be used as an energy working in two directions. That energy, like the electrons it was made of, is not destroyable; it can only change in form…and that is what happens to us before and during and after our life.
I experienced my ‘dead’ as being reborn in another dimension, in the awareness that ‘I’ and ‘we’ had already lived for ever…far before the existing of the first atom and the first cell…as a kind of physical energy with a ‘soul’, a bit if like the center of something ‘good’, like an artist trying always to express himself, wanting to become atom and cell and so on; while the entire process creates structure and cooperation in the different elements.  And even if the total of matter should disappear, it would emerge in another point.  That other point, that is the same, is the point with in the cycle of the 8-form.  Like in DNA and  the hart as center of the blood circulation.  Like a star as the center of a part of macro matter and an atom as the center of micro matter a bit as well.    The  feeling I had, was like watching the light that from the evening colors passes into the dark of the night and in a number of light gradations is being born again in the morning. Just as like when you are living, when you do not know if there is life after dead, when you are dead , you do not know if you still have a body or not. This is strange, very strange…from one ‘mystery’ you in fact dive into another. My individuality began a long journey alongside our collective and individual past to the point of my dead, where individuality again seemed to vanish in collectivity and yet it had a separated existence at the same time. It all happened rather fast, but on earth I would have needed many pages to describe. The voyage I was on, went from atom to cell and the building up of our existing society, it was like turning the pages of an educational book, but in a more clever than a digital way even. The more clear the message and contents from the journey were, the more effort the voyager had spent in his life, to understand the meaning of life.  The spiritual world was like a kind of internet-community, composed of the different kinds of tempers of everyone who had existed so far. Every life was a kind of ‘home-page’ in fact…with branches to all the ones in the human story they had known. ‘Had known’ or ‘knew’…it was not yet clear to me.  It seemed that the better it became to live on earth, the more beautiful the symbolism between the ones that already past away   (the past away’ s) and the still living in a classical way became. Was this what moved the interaction between the two worlds ? As soon as I reached a certain point NOW on my and our earthly past, the new laws of my new form of existence, became clear to me. They not only made my speechless, I also could not ‘speak’ any more, when I got aware in which manner I could only express myself at the biologically living persons. There also was the awareness that they could use my energy and I theirs…but only in a symbolical, intuition manner through thinking and dreams and images and things that happened…a kind of ‘inspiration’ in fact.
I did not only have a ‘voice’ any more, I also did not ‘see’ any more…because I myself had become a part of light and air and all the other elements I was composed of…without knowing exactly what…like one cannot see one’s own inside organs and like one can only see oneself in a mirror. We only can feel the intensity of who we are. Still I was able to think by means of images and thoughts, like one can see images in his head in a biological body…al dough some scientists say that they aren’t there. Stronger than before I felt the good person I had always been. Another thing that became clear to me, was that I did not knew if I could still ‘hear’, because like something that was said…I could remember hearing voices and sometimes I wondered if a voice wasn’t a taught. With ‘being dead’ the ‘emphasis’ was being put more on ‘feeling’, even ‘thought’ was a feeling. Trying to feel with who in life you really were connected with. Not literally ‘feeling’, but ‘touching each other in the spirit’, not in the ‘mind’(like in the soul) on earth…but it still seemed much like the positive feelings parents and friends can have for each other. It became clear to me, that during one’s life on earth all the consciousness and deeds one collects; all that positive and negative energy that interacts…at the same time on the ‘other side’ is being put together like a puzzle. The final ‘result’ gives you the amount of ‘inner knowledge’ you have reached when you die. Once when we no longer are biological, we can feel the intensity of who we are.
Ones earthly ‘soul’, based on positive and negative emotions, who commands ones earthly life; sometimes let’s go some pieces of ‘spiritual information’, we the ‘past away’ s’ , need…in order to be able to pass on our information.  One’s final dead is the unified picture of your life, offered to you. From the moment you understand this at the other side, you get a kind of spiritual orgasm that enables you to realize that you are not alone at the other side…and that one can communicate as well with other spirits over there.
Just like on earth one needs other people to be oneself. On earth sometimes some people are aware of these things, but those moments seem to disappear because the amount of events that come and go. On the ‘other side’ there also are times when one can isolate oneself…that often are moments when one is the most in unity with everyone and everything. Not always nevertheless. Just like a child that is born all of the sudden is surrounded met beings with which it has another kind of intensity in contact…no longer the strange noises from in the belly. People who believe in classical reincarnation would say that this is the bridge from one live to another, even if they believe that the soul only enters the body with birth.(Sunday 24 april2011 Eastern, most hot day in 60 years in Belgium). On very clear moments in one’s life one can realize these things, but due to the fact of the never stopping flow of events, one is not always conscious of this process. Like on earth, life after dead is not always ‘romantic’…because the process of consciousness that started with the voyage from atom to cell, organism, animal, men and society…that process continues after dead. It depends on your merits whether you are armed to be able to continue that awareness-project. Your ‘hierarchy’ as well depends from your merits…and this has not much to do with the diplomas you got, neither with the kind of work you did? You ,’biological living ones’ should be amazed about some people you taught you knew and who they are over here. But later more about that. If I get permission to say something about it, I will, but I have a feeling I won’t. To be able to explain all this I have to get back to my puzzle of life              There was a reason why I had lived and still was living
I ‘watched’ the places in the world that I had abandoned and ‘saw’ de growth of the harvests on the fields near the roads I had lived and traveled. I saw the cars on the roads and the smoke coming from factories and some houses. I saw the animals, but he people, I did not see. Maybe I was in the people and that is why I could not see them anymore.
Very strange in the beginning. My friends only lived in my memories…I only could see them in my memories, which was a way of better understanding how they felt…even on a present stage basis. But how they felt did not preoccupy me at the moment, I needed my energy to concentrate on a text of a novel or essay I wanted to complete. I had called the introduction ‘my inspiration maps’. I saw the text lying on my desk, but how could I finish this book ?
Maybe there somewhere was a writer with still a biological life to lead, who read one of my former works and did not have any inspiration of from himself at the moment. During my life I had called into existence enough energy to allow me at this moment to be ‘connected’ with a living soul mate. I would finish my book, through him. Sometimes he would be aware of my special kind of presence without knowing. Sometimes we were aware of each other, when he walked amongst the threes in the wood and taught about something he read about me. I always wanted to plant a wood myself and there was this writer who lived in a wood near water and entered his chalet, took the newspaper and cut out my photo and an article on my life. It gave me new energy to continue writing. A lot of writers were still continuing something amongst ‘us’ and ‘them’. Sometimes there seemed to be no difference amongst ‘them’ and ‘we’. Al dough we did not see ‘them’ busy with something…we felt what was going on in their world. Like the living sometimes were busy with the question what would happen after their dead, we, ‘past away’ s’ were busy wondering what our next life in the ‘after afterworld’ would be like. Our form of energy in the afterworld wasn’t eternal either and one day would change it ’s form as well. In a way we had we had bettered ourselves because we mainly communicated with spirits from the afterworld that used to have the same interests as we. It was very special how each of us tried to do this in his own way.
Those who as farmers had been concerned about agriculture, received energy from those who had liked doing this on earth. Communication between both sides worked as a system of connected fluids in different spaces. The negativism of a minority of farmers or landowners on earth often prevented the flowing of communication between farmers that had died and those still active on earth. Sometimes the representatives of the farmers in the afterworld came looking for advice with spirits that often had to deal with the same problems when they worked as farmers for example. Then there was a communication amongst them and only the fact of this ‘exchange’ itself made it possible to generate some actions below that would improve something or that made farmers below aware. But sometimes it looked like a never ending struggle in each domain. In the afterworld, the ones who caused those problems in the past suffered until some improvement was made.
So my friend the medium-writer had to tell people below to watch out and think about the suffering of their relatives in an heaven, that wasn’t always ‘heaven’ to them. Their relatives or people responsible for some misery of others should have to do something about it…before they end in the same position. If they act know, the ones who are at the origin of blockades between this world and the next shall free themselves here and in the next stage of life.  In the afterworld the painful part of the existence of ordinary working people is more quickly healed then of those who were responsible for big decisions. People who had mainly good intentions adapt very easily in what the afterworld has to offer. People who produced many good waves and did many good things to help others …still can feel how they are doing…without suffering and without being able to help them, when they aren’t conscious enough to ask it. Those wise ‘afterworld’-men only can give some inspiration and advice, but the ‘receiving parts’ of the biologically living people have to be functioning…and they don’t when they are not in an emotional balance. Someone with too much negative emotions is a real problem for both the one below who is partly responsible for those emotions as for the one on earth. In many cases, help must come from other identities. Both groups have an important tool to help one another : the free will to act. This free will is a total product of all the situations where it was used and can for reasons, difficult to track down here on earth, be temporally blocked for both groups or their individual components.  There for it is sometimes better not to act or stay in a position of indifferent balance. The afterworld in which we function, only can make us philosophe about our ‘after  afterworld’ because from time to time some ‘spirits’ disappear here, like on earth, some ‘souls’ disappear.
We use the term ‘after spirits’ here. We are trying to find the way to get in contact with them.   Like on earth we still are in a kind of phase in between. Such a phase, like on earth you can divide in a number of stages of progressing or backsliding consciousness. Once more, what was already clear to me on earth became more clear to me in the afterworld. Everything is one and connected, but there are a number of phases. Like from silence seven sounds are born, with whom one can compose music, like from white all other colors are born. Like thought, feeling and inspiration can produce at least seven expressions of literature…from shouting to poetry…..Like one can touch someone’s skin in several ways as well. It was rather strange that some of us missed those last feelings and others didn’t. Why ? Again a question for us to solve. Did ‘time’ only continued to exist for those not feeling well because of existing ? Could we provoke the urge for a new genetic consciousness among the classical living ones ? “Did the classical ling beings then feel the urge to make new life, new individuals to come and continue the unfinished stories of the living and in a way of the dead ? Was this possible ? *” The search for a ‘why’ and ‘how’ was a never ending story it seemed. Looking out for a new stage of existing in our development was a new kind of enigma, riddle to us. I , unlike others, did not believe that we were going to reincarnate in another earthly body after disappearing out of the afterlife. I believed more in spiritual growth and trying to show the ones on earth, our genetic three, we partly left behind; that they had to help themselves to be get conscious happy and make a better world…in order to have a better life as well in the afterworld and help us at the same time by doing so. Our mutual development was inter dependent. I was not much ‘home-sick’, I did not want to go back to the physical soul life, that was the embryo of our spirit and I did not think it was possible to return. Maybe I never know if some of my friends in the afterworld would have indeed reincarnated…or if they would have been ‘promoted’ to the after afterworld. They’d better leave those reincarnation-ideas to the policy of the ‘wisdom of the genetics’ of the earth. I , for the moment was already satisfied enough sharing the positive events on earth and seeing there really was a lot of hope for the world. We spirits, in fact lived partly in the same world as the earth-people. Because we were pure air and light and waves…again, we were part of their chain of nutrition…and we had an influence on their daily lives. Some of my friends in spirit even went so far to think they could partly return by being present in genetic material. “No wonder an ejaculation is such a mass of sperms buzzy rush-thing”, I joked. There had to be a number of connections between the three different kind of worlds, just like the past and the present and the future are in fact one…maybe the earthly-life, the afterworld and the after afterworld were one as well, all together interacting in a dialectical way. In the afterworld it was as well 2003 as below, and I was there since 1979 already. We used the same time and in fact there only was one…others said that according to Einstein everything was possible, even returning to the middle ages as a baby…but I answered that they should not use Einstein’s inventions to put him those words in his mouth.  By the way, did anybody see Albert here ? Nobody answered, so probably he already was in the future.   I ‘listened’ to stories of the lives of my friends in spirit, and I answered just by being ‘present’, that’s the way we talk over here. My conclusions were sent to the interfering frequencies of the medium-writer on earth I was in contact with…not like ‘dictating’, but just ‘waving’ some inspiration together, like one picks flowers and afterwards gives them as a present. My memories and his experiences produced the rest of the spiritual food. It depended of what kind of literature the medium-writer wanted to write in, in which neighborhood in the spiritual world I was to be found. He is a good writer, because I often am to be found on high frequencies. I decided to review some of the things I wrote in my time. In my earthly days I always had to look and look again to find my text…here they came faster than an internet connection to me, without having to type something on a search-machine. The fact that I was buzzy doing that was enough for the writer to have courage to continue with his work on special energies after his morning walk. Maybe someday, he would discover us ? My wish to write again, became his wish to write again and otherwise.
Where to write about ? About the ones who commit suicide on earth ? Some of them tire themselves out on earth because they had to many good intentions towards too much people…they recovered more quickly than  the ones who spent a life complaining about their lives. Sometimes they didn’t cure at all. A lot of people who had died and who had not taken their own lives, in fact were committed  on a long time basis. They could cure spiritually as well because it wasn’t always there fault that they didn’t discover the role of structures and people and emotions in their lives.  Sometimes we in the afterworld suppose that the after afterworld can guide some energy from the ones with less energy to the ones with not enough energy. I think I’m not ready for that job jet. I had to many experiences giving my energy away for free in my lifetime…maybe it never was my decision…and maybe the decision was taken above my head. To change energy seemed to be to me a far healthier process then only profiting from someone’ s stock.  It means learning to express yourself and act in the common interest I think. It means recognizing ones limits and possibilities in the total picture of connections. In the afterworld those who can give advice, do not have to suffer any more by taking over the sorrow of others and descending in too their levels of dimension of being. I discovered that the more people were victims of fear and not-knowing, the more they were influenced by negative ideas. The negative influence of past away’ s who did much damage below, lived after them, but could not come back. Only the positive could come back. It really was encouraging. The meaning of life, in fact was that everyone should learn how to get really ‘strong’ and ‘good’ in order to learn how to be able to be a good advice giving being  in the ‘hereafter’. If you didn’t discover the truth about your own life, there was a change that you would return to the pure elements of nature, without being aware of who you in fact were. The meaning of life was, is and shall thus be , of preparing yourself for afterlife, each in one’s own way…whether that is cultivating tomatoes or writing, it can have the same result. Life is not only transmitted through genes, but also by means of air and light and waves and the rest of nature’s transport.
Life can be passed on, not only genetically, but also by the elements in nature under the form of energy…if it had gained the power to do so. Important to know was that one always could be present in the dimension you left…not only genetically…but also in the elements you fell apart in. Even past, present and future were one and for some in a large extent predictable. The three dimensions were one, that became very clear to me. ‘Here, here after and there after’, all existed in the same time and place; just like past, future and present were one but in another dimension. Who really genetically came before me and after me ? Everybody in fact, biologically and spiritually, because if one goes back enough in time, we are one family. Those who ‘died’ in fact travelled in the antimatter of all kind of radiation, waves… , the air, the light, the minerals. And through the elements and the blood and so on they were in a kind of way a unity with the classical living being in the ‘here’, they in fact were a kind of software from the hardware ‘here’.  Maybe send to the ‘here’ by the forces of the after afterlife as so to speak.  We in the ‘here after’ were a kind of interconnection in fact with the after afterlife.  If one has to learn something about life, one can in an almost non intervening way live those experience through the life stories of the ones in the ‘here’, not forgetting that the 3 worlds are in fact one. Just as one can only get advice from worlds of a higher dimension in each direction, the need for advice must come from the one who needs the advice him or herself.  The ones in this life ‘here’ have practically full control of their lives, but not entirely, because of the permanent eternal interaction. If one asks strength in order to achieve something, one’s demand is achieved when the energetic time to obtain it is right. (‘it’, being wisdom for the greater part).   The 3 dimensions were one and all present with in the same time and space. The more fear and unconsciousness there was among the classical living in the ‘here’, the more they were under the influence of the negative influence of other living beings.  It was only possible to give positive advice each time a real honest being needed it. Such a being dough had to have attained some level of comprehension of the language of the spiritual world.  In the old religious meaning, this was what was mend with ‘angel guardians’.  Every one lived and acquired experiences  and lived in the direction of his dead, without knowing that the ‘good part of the life after dead’, also was present on earth in a spiritual way.  The bad intentions of those who had died, could not be present in the ‘here after’ or the after afterlife’- spheres…but were only genetically present in the emotionally  negative part of the genetic heritage.  The same was true for the positive emotions…with this difference that the positive intentions of the past away were present outside the genetic heritage and in the hereafter and after hereafter.  The bad intentions did not pass through the 2 other world, they kept being destructive until they poled in too positive attitudes.  The more people reacted more as real human positive beings, the more the spiritual forces could do their ‘job’. 

The meaning of life therefor is that people in the ‘here’ should become so wise that they can act as god energy in the hereafter and after hereafter. In a way a lot of life is determined there for…it depends and the growing process of each individual in interconnection with the ones surrounding him or her. Some people can understand their lifelines with others better than others.  They often get stuck in their own evolution because the others are not ready yet.  In order to be of use to the biological living, one has to have discovered the truth about life and one’s own life and the interconnection of lives,  in a significant way. If not, one returns to the pure consciousness of the elements themselves…or one stays partly in the negative part of the genetic heritage…or one has to pass through an emotionally healing cure in the hereafter…a cure not needed any more by those who were already mature enough. But keep in mind always along wanting to understand this theory, that the 3 worlds in fact are one ! The ideal combination was a living being who understood his spirits completely. Such a person was an omni talented and had to offer a broad scale of insights.  To put it simply. In fact we all wait for our deaths in order to become a better ‘guide’ then we already were when we lived biologically. (in the best case that is). All the positive and the understanding of the negative, that we, during our earthly lives could not pass on to others, become clear to everybody who needs it, in his or hers own time and is a part of the never ending healing process that leads to eternal consciousness. 

The ultimate meaning of this life ,was is and shall be that one has to prepare oneself for dead and this by knowledge  and being aware of one’s inner…and by doing so, contributing to an improvement in quality of human living conditions on earth.  Life cab not only be passed on by genetics, but also under the form  of all kinds of special energy…if one has achieved the force to do so.  It was important to realize that one could in a number of ways still be in the dimension that one had visibly left…not only in a genetic way, but also in the elements of nature themselves.  Being aware of this all, puts one’s self in a very good feeling. From my new kind of feeling I could pass this to the writer that I cared for. He had read a few of my artistic and scientific work. I could help him finish his search…and I proved him that only ‘the good’ , the source of everything could return. Because I knew he still needed prove…so I helped him. He was not always aware that I (and other spirits in each of the 3 dimensions, were helping him) He knew that ‘nothing’ could not exist…because everything always tends to explode when it is equal or near ZERO…something with contains no matter cannot exists, meaningless cannot exist.         The smaller something gets the more pressure is exposed on it. This is the same for stars as for human relations. He knew that the electrons were the  not destroyable building materials of everything. He knew a lot about the elements and the game of electrons with their proton and neutron charged atoms and nucleons and their condition of indifferent balance.  Whenever he was studying I helped him reach the symbolism behind all those laws. He was enormously interested in the things of science.     He realized he always met the right persons and read the right books to help him answering the links between life and dead. He found out that with every end of something physical, chemical,…)the consciousness of those elements moved to the not yet vanished elements…because the wisdom of the original composition did not have to disappear. Thus physics and chemic became biology, because the main law of life is that everything is an evolution to more and more consciousness. The first cells die without being able to multiply themselves. The consciousness of those cells came as a kind of energy ‘visiting’ the following cells that still had a classical living string with nature …in those days when there were not yet organisms that could move on their own  . The consciousness of the ‘dead’ but not ‘dead’ material (who was transformed in another kind of matter) came visiting the new still living cells giving them ‘advice’. Those visits let to cells being able to DIVIDE themselves…which let to biological reproduction , the first independent organisms and a consciousness that became more the just the sum of the elements and combinations they were made of. Nature was trying to teach us, that in order to survive you had to learn how to divide.

Then came the step from animal to men…from looking to things to thinking about things. Men build relationships in their tribe, later their village, their town and so on. On a graveyard in a village you can see the amount of combination life used to use to guide the game of attraction and repulsion, of equality…to always filter past and present.

 Poverty, wars and natural disasters have intervened in this ‘wanting to be of being’…they must be prevented because they disrupt things on a certain level. We have to get aware of this.
Strange developments between human beings
One starts of in ones youth with some experiences witch, strangely one remembers for the rest of life. Memories about things, persons…but also about thoughts one has inside. Like that time when one sat in class, the sun was shining and one tried to catch it between ones eyes; in such a way that when one closed them not completely a lot of rays danced up and down. It was a kind of ritual , a kind of starting life all over again, the negative things were gone and from now on one would make no more mistakes any more. Little did one know that the way of becoming more and more conscious was through both clever and partly silly or sometimes seemingly stupid decisions. Even less did one knew that in each ‘now’-moment the next was already kind of predestinated by everything and everyone and each interaction that had preceded. What one feels thinks and wishes, not only what one does is important in a way, because together with what others think and wish and do, it determines what is going to happen next, which words are going to be spoken and which deeds and events will occur.
Like in human history one advance each decennium more in to progress towards a world where the quality of live is more important than too much consumerism (even it does not seem to be the case in many ways these days), through contradictory evolutions and revolutions things will lead to forms of managing society in an ecological way and in a manner that everyone has the means of leading a life with aces to housing, food, transport, telecom, clothing, energy and so on. A lot of people did their part in explaining all about life and how to come closer towards this point in history.
In an prosaic kind of essay, called ‘so there was life after dead’, one tried to explain the ways in which life, even based on science, not only on not strictly religious belief, could well be eternal. Like the rays one played with between ones eyes, it has something to do with the for our eyes and equipment practically invisible radiation that set off to turn itself in to atoms and cells…and when those in a first stage died and the process had to start all over again to form new cells. But at a certain point in evolution the energy of all those first cells who had disappeared, became so strong that by a kind of intuition that was in fact of a kind of first energy transmission, the living cells started dividing themselves to reproduce, what in fact was a short cut.
A lot of what practically happened to one and between others, behind an ever evolving history, one already wrote about. Things like the story in the intro above, are too close to the kind of material radiation is made of (using these words instead of the ‘other world’ or ‘the spiritual world’, because of the heavy load they carry along due to the history of religions and other kind of beliefs). It was like if an ever present urge accompanied one in making me do things that were predestined…but evolved also together with the consciousness surrounding one. Every important decision in ones life, was accompanied by a kind of warning, a kind of ‘leave it for what it is or for who she or he is’. As humans were concerned one often follows ones heart out of compassion. The heart is traditionally seen as the source of romance and love, but in fact it is the symbol of power and distribution. People tend to only speak about the hearth instead of the entire system. It seems that the kind of qualities attributed to the heart are more closer to men’s lower chakra’s; which in their own way are closer to one’s right part of the brain function. The more rational part of the brain interacts more with the rational functions, is more air then water or chemicals, more radiation the ‘fire’ within matter. Part of us functions as a receiver of what was in order to move to what will be with the ‘now’ as an eternal go between that ages very quick but stays young forever.

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